ETF investing in Taiwan

Exchange traded funds have made their way here to Taiwan.

Back in 2008, I got in early enough and made a double bagger, selling recently. I bout the Top 50 fund (top 50 Taiwan companies on the stock exchange).

That was using Yuanta bank. Not too foreigner friendly though if you don’t speak the lingo I’d imagine.

I’m aware there are other fin institutions that offer ETF’s and I’m curious if anyone else has invested in the stock market in Taiwan via these ETF’s. They are the best way to invest imho and I’d like to compare a few other options here.

Any news on this front? Anyone have anything to share?

Yuanta still runs a few options last time I checked… A number of different funds up for grabs including some inverse funds if you want to bet on a bear.

Their service and requirements are the regular full of shit level of most banks or finance houses here. No English either it seems so helps if you are fluent in financial Chinese which will put you in 0.01% of the foreign population. You could always do the run around and go to their branch office each time you trade and play language exchange. The brokerage service is quick though over the phone in Chinese.

I’m looking at DBS bank at the moment and running my investments via Singapore.