Ether net dew hicky

I have questions…

  1. The “Ethernet cable” is the cable that connects my computer to the outside world? That was a question.

  2. The ethernet cable plugs into the NIC port on my computer? That was a question too.

  3. What do you call the dew hicky at the end of the cable that actually plugs into the computer?

I need the sort of terminology that computer guys would use at, say, a computer exposition.

Thanks a ton.

  1. Yes, 2) Yes. 3) The correct techincal spelling is do-hicky. The name of the plug is RJ-45. But most people probably call it a ethernet connector/plug. It looks like the connector where a phone plugs into the wall, but wider.


Thank you sir.

You don’t happen to know the trans to Chinese by any chance. PinYin I mean. I reject chicken scratch on principle.

wang3 lu4 xian4 - 網路線 - network cable
wang3 lu4 ka3 - 網路卡 - network card (not sure how to say the actual socket, but that would get you near enough)
wang3 lu4 xian4 tou2 - 網路線頭 - network cable plug
wu2 xian4 wang3 lu4 - 無線網路 - wireless network

Those are what I hear/use in the office but to be honest it’s more common for the English terms to be used.

Again :notworthy:

You guys are fantastic.