Ethereum : possible to get 2-5 times your investment in 2018



It’s a crypto bloodbath! Brian you still up? Neo has cushioned the worst of it for you I take it?


Its bad for everybody. Half of market cap gone in a month is a crash. I haven’t lost money overall yet though. I’m just sick of the volatility at this stage and the way it all moves up and down together.


Just about to drop under 400 billion cap…:grimacing:

The loan wolf DigixDAO (DGD) is rocketing up!! ? huh? The gold to crypto peg?? huh???

Are people randomly choosing one crypto to park their money as insurance against crash? Smells of collusion and other shenanigans doesn’t it

Edit: DGD has replaced Tether as safe haven crypto it seems…considering paper gold market is about 10 trillion $, as your designated forum crypto financial adviser I advise you all to immediately BUY BUY BUY DGD!!!


Support for BTC price is at 7,500, will be interesting to see how the market reacts when we get to that price.

Should i go all in on Neo? :smiley: seems like the safest right now.


Did your technical analysis give you that number? I rather prefer KHHville’s 8888 theory


that’s the number a lot of analysts seem to agree with >


Yes it’s the well known lunar phase correlation theory lol.


Unfortunately the 8888 number is already past, heading below right now…
anyway, bought at 3,800, won’t sell before 5,000 :grin:


Wow who or what is responsible for this? Maybe a planned coordinated sell off to scare everyone back to Fiat lol


Has been known to be coordinated in the past. Who knows. You can’t easily cash out to fiat either so a bit difficult to understand why whole market drops hard.
Basically everybody stops buying at the same time I guess.

We have still got 11 months to hit that 2-5 target lol.


Right thats what I mean its not easy to cash out. Some serious manipulation going on.


Need to check trading volume, I’m guessing it’s really low.

If I’m reading it right it’s lower than 30 day average trading volume for vast majority of coins. Basically price is being set on the margins of the thin volumes traded .

BTH and ETH have relatively high trading volume which is not surprising.

Not that this analysis helps one bit.


388 billion market cap…

Eventually it will settle (somewhere between 3,000 and 8,000 for BTC, and 100 - 300 billion total crypto market cap) That’s the best technical analysis I can offer at this point in time.


The manipulation happened at the end of last year, price of Bitcoin went from 6k to 19k in a few weeks, absolutely crazy and irrational, right now this is just back to normal. It is possible Bitcoin price will go back to circa 5k I think.


Looks like the classic M top that comes before a complete crash:


Normal would be taking all 1,500+ cryptos, tokens etc, extracting the aggregate actual $ amount of all business uses cases so far, then multiplying by a real wild flyer P/E (let’s take Amazon’s jaw-dropping 350 P/E ratio as benchmark).

But I guess the thrill is taking the ‘potential’ value, the trillions of dollars of insurance, forex, banking, paper gold, etc…



No, I don’t believe this. This time things are different. Then again, I have got a lot of money riding on it…


MaiCoin’s CEO interview on Bloomberg wants Taiwan to be the ROC…Republic of Cryptography.

Keep your eyes on this guy he looks solid


I don’t think we are there with the complete crash idea because there’s still a lot of interest in trading Crypto and there are many innovations launching this year , probably crypto wallets, remittances and payments being the big one but also I expect decentralised lending , gaming and lotteries could be big. Tangle and DAGs are also on their way. Private payments and anonymous but secure ontracts.
I’m a believer still. Just where does the baseline value sit after this Crash (and I hope this is The Crash of 2018 because I do not want to spend my life on a rollercoaster).
No doubt there are countless shitcoins and ICOs that need to be obliterated…And we just broke 8k for BTC.