Ethereum : possible to get 2-5 times your investment in 2018



Ok what I read today on Twitter:
"For a probable reason: the Korean government’s intention may be to ban anonymous #cryptocurrency trading rather than #crypto trade in general, to ensure that traders comply with its rules.

“The Korean government is requiring #Bitcoin traders to do so under their real name"


Classic FUD allowing whales to buy up more…I bought a bunch of Neo and Gas at bargain prices yesterday and this morning , thank you whales, Fudsters and Korean apparatchiks…there is money to be made.

ICX looks pretty cheap to me right now…Mainnet going online 24th Jan followed by crypto conference.

Copied from Reddit about ICX

'Their coin went from the exchange, Binance at about 1.15 (Dec 4 of 2017) to where it is now.

The main net is NOT out yet. Their exchange is NOT out yet (DEX) Their blockchain is NOT out yet. And they have no dapps out yet. --the first 3 are supposed to come out later this month

It shot up that fast and its only really on Binance and a few lesser known exchanges.’

Not a financial adviser just sharing some tidbits here.


Green across the board the money spigots have opened up.


You see all I told you to BUY BUY BUY! You may think of me as your crypto financial advisor from here on.

I’ll be leaving my Bitcoin address here shortly for you all to make donations.

The more donations I get the more advise I’ll give.

Top tip for today; SELL SELL SELL!


Things are shaping to be incredibly bullish for Neo. Ethereum is congested and the txn fees are too high, some quality ICOs already switching over.


Ethereum’s transactions per second are very low too. I read somewhere that it’s only 15(!), while NEO can process over a thousand (citation needed, of course).


Tonnes of ICOs token issuances are stuck in the Ethereum network right now. I’ve been waiting 10 days for tokens from Crypterium ICO real mess.

EOS finally started issuing their tokens today and the price spikes like crazy. Bullish trends for all the big platforms at present .


Tales from the Crypterium … mwa haha :japanese_ogre:


Both of these platforms and also Bitcoin are working on off-chain solutions to deal with the scaling problem.

Raiden, Casper, Lightning, Trinity.

Most computations or contracts don’t need the level of confidence of a typical blockchain where all nodes confirm all transactions.
It doesn’t make any sense to do it that way having 60 GBs of files for every single contract and of course ends up being very expensive and slow.


Neo killing it. Brian halfway to being rich. Beers all around


Its been pretty sweet to be making gains. I have had some nervous moments along the way.
I have 15‰ in ICX too .
5‰ in Achain that is going to be really nice if they ever get their marketing together . A few thousand in Achain could be very sweet medium term if you don’t have a lot of funds to play with. They are an under the radar platform in China.
Think about it gogoro.

That said I believe Neo , Ethereum, Qtum and Eos should all climb though much of 2018.

I am going to invest in APEX ICO this Monday and will focus on small cap Chinese coins and ICOs for trading now and HODL the rest.


Brain’s 4x his investment in Neo by now…
I’m happy for you :confounded::confounded:


Not four times since I bought and sold and bought again but I am already up a years savings and not selling anytime soon! (nor is Neo up 4x since I started trading )

There’s a lot of money to be made still look up crypto income he knows what he’s talking about.
Chinese coins will fly this year.

Neo has every chance of hitting 500 USD and even 1000 USD this year so not too late to get on that train . I base this on the number of ICOs and the staking format of Neo where you get 5% gas per year, when demand for gas goes up it drives the Neo price, when Neo goes up it drives up the gas price !

Neo holders will get gas dividend and also some unknown % of the future transaction and contract fees as well.

There are only 100 million Neo in existence which sounds like a lot but it is 1/10 of most other competitor coins.

Gas is much rarer still. Over 22 years Neo will go to Zero and Gas will go to 10 million units.
Many holders of Neo will be able to live off gas alone.

PS the wife doesn’t really believe this is real money and told me to tell her when I actually have some cash from it :slight_smile:


HODLing on for dear life. On the same 24 hours that we hit all time highs for Neo! Crazy crazy volatility.
Selling now will only lose you your investment in this environment.

So many governments are making noises about regulating cryptos, it’s inevitable really , meanwhile there are many innovations and they can’t keep up with the tech and interest from the public . Definitely concerning but China already practically banned crypto in Sept they will figure it out and hopefully regulations will make it more stable soon.

Also suspect some FUD articles related to bitcoin futures


How does that work?


Allow me to explain…

In the REAL stock market I’d disagree with Brian but on the crypto exchanges he is 100% correct.

Waves of users signing up with a ahhhh what the hell attitude this is money I can afford to lose. Where the hell they going to put it? They’re all still in for the ride. Notice how little Neo and Gas went down.

Top tip from your friendly financial advisor:
Sell everything but the kitchen sink and put it on Neo and Gas. BUY BUY BUY!


The market is extremely volatile if you sell on a big dip you are looking at losing half your investment right off as a recent investor. There have already been three or four dips in the last month alone so if you panic sell you will be eliminated from the market very quickly. Of course you can put a stop loss order in which is what pro traders do.

Gogoro is right that the money mostly just sits on the exchanges and they just pump it back into the coins when they think sentiment has turned positive again.


Brutal sell off.
The question now is…you know what the question is…it haunts you in your dreams…it’s with you while you’re awake…you know the question Brian…what…is…the…NEO?


“the horror…”

Ethereum, bitcoin, and ripple

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Brutal sell off is right .