Ethereum : possible to get 2-5 times your investment in 2018



Been waiting for drop long time. Allways buy low and sell high. I will bet a lot on NEO, and bitcoin (hope wil fall bellow 5k, perfectly 2k). Time is not right yet.

I do agree more money will come to market, so just be patient and ready to buy low.

Have money ready for ICOs as well. Hope i have changes to buy low before whole thing get more regulated or before AI takes over.

Usually i have proper money management strategy, avoding default risk, but this time will risk significantly more. Ready to lose all folks. Either i will be stucked with one year over hours or i will have enough to buy nice apartment in Taiwan with cash


Supposedly have had some massive drops with bitcoin before hopefully this crash doesn’t last too long. Personally just going to try riding this out. That strategy wo~t work for junk coins. Whole market cap dropped 35% in one day at worst point so far.

Edit : 10 mins after posting bounces up 15% again. Volatility these days is a bit too much to take !

Huge impact from Korea at the moment as the country accounts for a lot of tradng volume globally.


Neo my son I won’t stop believing in you.


Thousands of people around the world now…

  • cancel 100ft yacht get 20ft only
  • beg the wife to take me back
  • beg old boss to take me back

Naaa it should pop back up in no time and the feasible coins and tokens will suck in all that excess money as 90% get weeded out.


Some of the major coins are down 40 to 50% for the week.
Bitconnect collapsed wiping out many folks.
Neo is only down 12% for the week thank God I am still very much in the black.
Bitcoin is down 40 % on the month.
Ethereum is down 46% for the month.
Pretty rough for a lot of folks.

Supposedly January usually dips but this year made worse by all the talk around regulation and big run up before hand.

This is why you don’t sell stuff like Ethereum at this stage though cos it’s so dominant, as soon as things turn positive again …Could be next week …Could be three months later…Ethereum will take off like a rocket ship once more !
Still before that happens we don’t know if China or something else will throw a curveball at us.


I sold the house, scooter & wife and put all the money in Dogecoin. Internet said it would be a good idea.

Send help.


I did think of putting some money in Pascalcoin at one stage…Tells you how nuts it was for a while :slight_smile:

Some good news


Check my analysis skills . Flicked thru the charts and looks like a big buy wall for BTC USD right now
…Looks like market will bounce back strong today . Let’s see what happens.
PS - not a strong opinion since I am not putting any money behind this

PPS 一 looks like heading down again , ouch.


crypto chatter elsewhere shows that at the intraday bottom for bitcoin, Bitfinex printed up 100mn tethers (already 300mn new tethers in January alone), and bitcoin started its 1000 usd rally.


Yeah the tether is super dodge dont hold on bitfinex .


Cancel 20ft yacht. Plastic dingie will have to do


A lot of this is Bitconnect related too right ? Or mostly because of the Bitconnect exchange going down?


There are so many possible reasons posited korea, china,.big run up, newbie panic,too many shitcoins, futures ad fake news about china to panic the market, chinese new year, bitonnect.
Take your pick.


Quite the bloodbath.
Don’t worry go to bed and sweet dreams when you wake up in the morning the rally will already have begun


This crash has taught me a lesson , bit too exposed with this one! Should have sold a bit off the top to provide some cushion.

Bitcoin has been manipulated by wall street I’m pretty sure of it, fake news from China and Korea (Reuters and Bloomberg article about bullshit internal memo) and massive coordinated sell trades (supposedly a huge volume dumped at around 9000 dollars to drive it down kicked it off) just before futures expire.

FU wall street!

Looks like the worm has turned at this stage, Neo is mostly back anyway. Fingers crossed (looking at my net worth increasing 1000s @ minute here it’s bizarre as usdt rushes back into Neo).

My whole portfolio is green now this is amazing.

Ethereum looking pretty nice price IF market has found it’s footing!



Many individuals grew suddenly rich. A golden bait hung temptingly out before the people, and, one after the other, they rushed to the tulip marts, like flies around a honey-pot. Every one imagined that the passion for tulips would last for ever, and that the wealthy from every part of the world would send to Holland, and pay whatever prices were asked for them. The riches of Europe would be concentrated on the shores of the Zuyder Zee, and poverty banished from the favoured clime of Holland. Nobles, citizens, farmers, mechanics, seamen, footmen, maidservants, even chimney sweeps and old clotheswomen, dabbled in tulips.

The real lasting value in all this is block chain technology.


I wish they’d just kill the stupid tulip mania words from the English language sick of hearing it.
It lasted about a year, research that it was rather contained among the elite only and details overall are quite unclear


History and hysteria are natural enemies but history always prevails in the long run.


A word or term should not distress a person so much. Chill, relax. It’s all relative.


Thanks Dr.Phil