Ethereum : possible to get 2-5 times your investment in 2018



Market recovered so quickly is just unbelivable.Totally suprised me. But more attacks will coming down the road, so be ready.

Demand is super strong, so markets recover fast. More money is coming into cryptos. This kind of crashes will happpen often in 2018, so allways be ready for it.

Not sure either is right time to jump on train.
Risk is high with neo, etherieum, but reward is even higher.


You just need to have some USDT on the exchange with the order sitting at a 50% low and it will get filled in a flash crash like couple of days back.
I don’t think the market is super strong because of that constant link with Bitcoin. That’s really annoying !


Brian, u think USDT is safe? Saw this article, and a few others, but this explained the issue pretty well,


hi wafflestop, i didn’t seen an option on here to PM you. mind sending me an email?

would like to inquire for more details, thanks! :slight_smile:


No it’s not safe at all.
Dodgy as all hell. Supposedly bacjed by mysterious funds in Taiwan, I’d it sounds like a giant scam it probably is.
If there were other tethers available that would be so much better for the market.

Dies it mean tether will collapse tomorrow, not unless there is some kind of crackdown or scandal.
The thing about tether is demand goes UP when there’s a crash and volatility . The only balancing factor is a lot of coins don’t have anything really to back them up either. The problem with tether is that it is now one of the major pairs. I saw a Japanese bank is going to make a new tether, hope some big financial institutions or even governments can step in and create proper tether currencies soon!




Love how the minute they announce US government shutdown crypto market cap shoots up to 600 bill


Bitoex rate has gone really bad for BTC, 17% spread from exchange USD/TWD, very unreasonable and I have told them. Maicoin even worse at 21%!


Ouch those are ridiculous spreads. What was their response? Keep us posted very interesting.


Bitoex response was the demand for Bitcoin went up so the price fluctuated to reflect the demand. Seriously !

You have to be very careful when buying from those sites to continually check the up to the minute buy price prior to purchase.


Hey Brian,

I saw a site called Cointal which gives alternative ways to buy/sell for fiat currency, but haven’t looked into it in detail yet.

Any thoughts? I also agree that Maicoin and Bitoex have shitty fees


An angel visited me in my dreams last night and told me that the future is VeChain


Vechain shilled to hell already. Going to drop like a stone when disappoints . Or not .

I have tried registering at some othes like I registered at changelly but its also bad fees wise. Will check later.

I won’t be putting much more cash anytime soon as already pushing the edge of my risk profile.

Market is in a weird phase right now. You just know it’s going to explore upwards or dump badly at some point. Waiting is nerve wracking . Im hopeful with Korea and Japan becoming regulated trading areas for cryptos and also goldman talking about clearing them things will go better soon. Looking at last year it seems similar pattern . If China could settle on a regulatory strategy for cryptos that would be extremely bullish IMHO.

There’s also a bunch of folks working on making real worlld crypto wallets. This will speed adoption.

Waiting for that sweet FOMO.


These guys are tossing us around like flotsam.
This market is so fixed all we can do is depend on them needing to go long and attract more investors at some point. Another futures contract comes due Jan 26th. If it goes up after that it’s confirmation to me that we are purely along for the ride.


Bitcoin Atom frok at same time around 1/25-26, if you have BTC at the time and put it in right exchange/wallet

youll get free BCA 1:1 for all your BTC

sounds promising but I don’t know how that will interact with the swaps, thx for pointing it out Brian.

1 very interesting purported benefit to BCA is that it lets you do safe/guaranteed party-to party sales and transfers without using the exchanges and with minimal network fees and fast times.


Yes it does sort of feel like the calm before the storm doesn’t it. I sense a huge rally coming… The world is flush with money. Markets around the world hitting new highs. The Taiex had probably the strongest start to the year ever. Roaring past 11,000. TSMC big time in the spot light. Could be up to 10% of 2017 revenue from GPU and ASIC mining…which poses a big risk to the company if all cryptos go premined…but I don’t see Bitcoin going away anytime soon. It is the one that is ‘respectable’, shortable, the Wall Street connection to crypto world.


The crypto markets are too illiquid and unregulated, very easy to play with by big funds . Otherwise how is everything going up and down in unison?


Seems the crypto market has made 500 billion US$ market cap the base to make it or break it…I noticed its pivoted around this total market cap number for a while


All crypto world waiting to see what happens . I hate that the other coins are still so dependent on btc generally. I strongly suspect the whole market is rigged to keep the BTC price trading between 10,000 and 11,000 for the futures market in Jan . You can see the big sell orders from time to time. There are no clear regulations so market rigging isn’t even illegal I think!

If it really plunges down to 7 or 8k I’ll pick up some dirt cheap alt coins and wait for the rebound. However I’m hopeful as it does seem to be sticking st 10 to 11k., probably because this is a rigged market.

I notice some green shoots around LEND and XLM and I think XRM is a really solid coin too. Very strong community and good use case.
Wallets :OMG in South East Asia. I hold CRPT from its ICO and I’m also holding a small amount of REQ.

ICX is also waiting. NAS the ‘Google of blockchain’ and ENG look like a steal if things get going again. RPX and DBC also interesting and knocked down hard.

I’m also looking to see what apps get strong real world adoption first, the coin wallets , sending money through ethos or LINE etc, maybe gaming tokens and lending too. This will be very bullish for crypto as people will understand the value proposition behind it.

Telegram is going to have an ICO for their token GRAM this year.


As cryptos go higher, the hacking gets larger…

Coincheck said it had stopped deposits into NEM coins, a hint that something was very wrong with what until last night was the 10th-largest cryptocurrency by market value, and which tumbled nearly 20% overnight, dragging the rest of the sector lower as news of the Coincheck fiasco spread.