Ethereum: predictions 2020-2025

Yeah finally, but will wait for 3k. I’m glad I never sold despite buying in January 2018, worst timing ever, lol.

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Me too I put most of my investment in around then and the six months after where I got caught on a dead cat bounce. Painful.

Jones, nice work! I wish I had done the same back in 2020. Luckily I picked some up recently at 1600.

Have you unwinded your position yet or are you waiting for Ethereum’s EPI1559 release?

ETH, like BTC, is still a bargain long-term. If the EIP causes a fork, it could result in more value overall, but I’m guessing it won’t because it’s going PoS anyways. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 20-30,000 by 2025. Are you staking now? Rewards have been quite decent, about 10% APY so far.


I’m just going to hold it all for now and then if I need some capital in the future may cash some out then. I don’t plan to cash all of it out ever.

The world computer is shooting up again as it sucks all assets on chain. :sunglasses:
0.048 SATs.

We are probably going to hit 10k ETH this year. Too many big drivers coming up and showed strong support during the BTC dip.

With the next Ethereum network updates that are coming, I do believe ETH can hit in a range from 7K to 15K until November of this year. I’m holding my 190ETH, and I’m buying more, and more, and more.

Correction: 1.90ETH :wink:

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Eh you might not want to advertise how much you have .:grin:

I have a FAIR amount and I’m still buying more. I just bought 5k USD worth today. I also plan to buy more. I’m also researching all the staking options .

I hate to say it but it seems almost impossible to lose money at least on the investment part over the next few years (just don’t lose your keys or your wallet ). I even told the wife I will invest some portion of her money on her behalf and I will back stop the loss if it happens (because she is so risk averse her savings are just sitting there).

It’s funny buying at these prices for people who bought years ago but you have to think like Bitcoin, Tesla or Amazon shares . The potential for another 10x is almost always there and for Ethereum I’m confident we will see the 10x from now within just a few years.

The whales don’t stop trading their BItcoin at ‘the higher prices’, they are still accumulating at certain periods.or when they force low stop losses.

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The best investment I ever made in my life was BITCOIN, I bought back in 2017 when it was still the beginning of the bull market and I cashed out this year.

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I bought right at the end of that bull. Painful . Very painful . But soldier on and DCA and things can always turn around.

I don’t intend to cash out of Ethereum I want to stake it. It’s an almost perfect long term investment and it continues to evolve and grow as a platform.

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I’m still exposed with BITCOIN, but I’m focusing nowadays more on Ethereum. ETH2.0 will be the thing.

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BTW, are you using any robot like PIONEX?

I have a small bit in BTC but that’s it. I do have investments in DeFi I expect some to rocket up due to Layer 2.0 and growth of ETH.

No, I don’t do automated trading or have any real strategy beyond following some projects or sensing which way the wind is blowing. For instance I can tell you the AAVE team is outstanding I’ve been following them for years. A lot of integrity and get the job done.
Polygon has somehow pivoted incredibly to layer 2 leaders , hats off. I have Looping but they seem to have fallen behind at moment.
Uniswap looks really good as they integrate Layer 2, once the transaction costs come down watch out !
Synthetix has disappointed but I’m hanging in there.
Injective Protocol is getting lots of media and the new kid on the block, a bit speculative but in a good way.
I also have Yield farming YFI.


Idk I feel like this is a bubble. The dotcom type, eventually this space will win but the hype is too strong right now. People are buying anything remotely connected crypto or defi. Look at Shib coin as an example. My grandma is getting into this and that makes me worried.

I do believe in crypto as a whole though and I will still invest in crypto a bit but mostly for the sake of diversification. It won’t be the bulk of my investment. But I do plan to buy a lot more if and when everything crashes.

There’s plenty of hype for sure , I’ve seen complete rubbish go up multiples. But I highly doubt Ethereum or Bitcoin will see a big crash from these prices as Ethereum usage is shooting up and there are some major improvements coming.

What % down would be considered a crash?

80% like we used to had on BTC couple years ago.

I doubt we will see the 80% to 90% type crash that we saw a few years ago, which was particularly severe.
But I reckon a crash back to 30k BTC is certainly not impossible. The absolute minimum number I would use is peak of last cycle so 20k BTC.
For ethereum I wouldn’t be shocked to see just below 2k happen at some point at end of this cycle , but I also think there’s a lot of buying interest and huge developments in Ethereum, and I do see it possible to hit 10k in this cycle at some point.

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