Ethical investment plans or bank accounts

This has been touched on before at viewtopic.php?f=88&t=66214&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&hilit=ethical&start=0 but it was a long time ago and I want to ask a specific question.

I don’t have the knowledge or inclination to invest in companies on an individual basis but I don’t want my money used for dodgy shit. So I guess I am looking for some kind of fund(?).

Does anyone know of either an investment fund, plan, package whatever, or a bank account that invests your money selectively, avoiding the worst types of companies - arms manufacturers, child molesters, that kind of thing.

I have a savings account in the UK with a bank that has a member defined ethical policy excluding various things like arms manufacturers that sell indiscriminately, the worst polluters etc. They also actively promote activities that are good for the environment or community, such as recycling and affordable housing. This policy is unique amongst high street banks in the UK - and for all I know, the world.

Bottom line is, I just want to put my money somewhere reasonably sound, where I don’t have to make too many decisions or worry about it. Any ideas?

If that means you want to diversify and expect a solid return then stay away from any themed funds, including ethical ones. With an ethical fund you may not worry about the companies but about your returns in future, it’s a hype like so many other themes and therefore IMO not suitable as a longterm investment.

Just my two shares.

Sorry, what do you mean by diversify?

Put simply, I want to save my money.

I probably need a short term, accessible savings account (preferably in Taiwan, because that’s where we might need short term cash), and a longer term investment.

I know the former (which I need here) exists, but in the UK - accessible from here but losing a little every time we deposit or withdraw from Taiwan. As far as this is concerned, it pays more than a typical bank, because it is a cooperative - the account holders are the shareholders, and have a part in determining policy.

I assume you’re saying that themed funds pay less. Well, if that’s the case, so be it. There’s money to be made (in the extreme) in kiddie porn and drug running, but I don’t want any part of it.