EU wants Taiwan to end death penalty


What are they going to give us if we do? Free trade agreement? Arms deal? Probably nothing.


More importantly, what if we don’t ? :hushed:


Macron will send his European army


Taiwan should abolish the death penalty and join the civilized world. Taiwan, the US and Japan are, embarrassingly, among the few remaining democracies that cling to this barbaric practice favored by communists, fascists and Islamists.


Let’s see if the EU has the guts to stand up to the world’s #1 human rights abuser and give us a free trade deal or sell us weapons.


I’m sorry, did we miss the moment when the EU sailed its aircraft carrier thru the Taiwan Strait?


I must’ve missed it. Unless you’re talking about just France.


now if the US said anything to Taiwan publicly, Taiwan would do it quicker than flicking a light switch

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If you mean China, i’m not sure they take that title. Unless you count propping up NK as part of it.

*be be fair…Taiwan is also doing that as one of their biggest trading partners. We send a lot of tech…so we might have supplied tech that helped build those rocket systems.

***but also now considering that Taiwan trades with NK. Bit weird the death penalty is what the EU is criticizing.

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Yup, like “stop buying oil from Iran.”


thousands of Taiwanese SMEs and even big Taiwanese conglomerates invested in China are now experiencing their “fuck-me” moment due to Trump’s trade tactics.
The EU’s demands on anything are just car beepings in the street below. Irrelevant.

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I’m not a fan of the death penalty. But that’s very low on the list of things to care about in Taiwan.


Wait a minute…@Gain, who wants a whole lotta people to die, thinks that death penalty is barbaric?

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I’d like to be all PC and Kumbaya and all that but there are some individuals who really deserve the death penalty.

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Hard to end it when the majority of the public are for it.


People in Taiwan support the death penalty.

The believe in 'do the crime , pay the time ’ or an eye for an eye. Simple concepts of Justice.


I dont agree to the death penalty but Isn’t the EU asking taiwan to do anything massively hypocritical as they just idly stand by and let china screw over taiwan on a daily basis?


Hear hear. I think I’ve changed my views on the death penalty when that poor child was knifed in brad daylight


I’ll support abolishing the death penalty if the EU throws a party for Taiwan and we score diplomacy points.

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Personally. I’d think life in prison sounds a lot worse.

Especially since death penalty countries have gotten it so very wrong before.

Hell. That MJ rehab centre sounds awful.