Euro Disney

Why don’t they just pave the continent and turn it into a theme park?
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From official European sources:

Will they catch up to the US? How can they ? With virtually no R&D, how are they going to develop new technologies to reach those lofty goals? Very unlikely indeed.

…and the Europeans just announced they are going to cut their carbon emissions by 20 percent…should be interesting to see what that does to their economies.

Many Eastern and Central European EU members against the move

What is your point?
You want to visit Europe but Mickey Mouse should go with you?

[quote=“robi666”]What is your point?
You want to visit Europe but Mickey Mouse should go with you?[/quote]

My point is that if Europe continues on its current course, the continent will rapidly become irrelevant for anything other than for tourism and overpriced real estate.

The EU is also often regarded (incorrectly IMHO) as a model of reconciliation, peace, and prosperity. But if Europe’s performance continues to decline, will this perception survive? Perhaps people will then come to regard the European model as a political and economic version of Venice - a place to visit with nostalgia for its past glory and admiration for its museum-like quality.

Disney as a real estate agency.
Why not, if you try to escape pollution made desasters in the US.

[quote=“robi666”]Disney as a real estate agency.
Why not, if you try to escape pollution made desasters in the US.[/quote]

Are you trying to post something in English?

That’s right, insult the non-native speakers, you elitist.

[quote=“Doctor Evil”][quote=“robi666”]Disney as a real estate agency.
Why not, if you try to escape pollution made desasters in the US.[/quote]

Are you trying to post something in English?[/quote]
Are you trying to be an English teacher?

(No offense to English teachers intended.)

Yeah, volunteering is illegal. Be careful.

[quote=“Rascal”][quote=“Doctor Evil”][quote=“robi666”]Disney as a real estate agency.
Why not, if you try to escape pollution made desasters in the US.[/quote]

Are you trying to post something in English?[/quote]
Are you trying to be an English teacher?

(No offense to English teachers intended.)

You’re trying to be funny, right? Some of that wonderful Germanic sense of humor we’re always hearing about. :unamused:

Now THAT’S funny.

You really have an axe to grind against Europe, don’t you?

Now let me just remind you where most of Europe’s technology went after the war. Let me also remind you of where many of Europe’s leading scientists ended up after the war. Let me also remind you of how many European countries’ companies’ participate in the development of R&D in US defence technology and you will pretty much have the answer to a number of questions: namely, why the US jumped ahead of most European countries very easily during the 30 years after WW2.

Add to this the complications of the Cold war - something the US was very distant from physically.

Add to this the disparity of wealth across EU nations - especially the new nations which have just been admitted and you will see that across the board, the mean investment in R+D seems pretty low. Many of these nations are extremely poor with previously fucked up governments.

Add to this the fact that the population, available land for development and available workforce is miniscule compared to that of the US.

So there’s some answers for you. Doesn’t take much to work out now, does it JAS? Just a little thought wouldn’t go amiss.

In the aviation sector and defence sector alone in the UK (which I know a lot about (as well as the US defence sector)) I can tell you that BAe systems has huge stakes in the US defence sector, including some accumulated 34% of the Joint Strike Fighter project. It has even larger sales and stakes to many current UAV projects. It it also has the best jet turbine engines the world has ever seen, with military customers and commercial companies like Boeing and Airbus taking advantage of them. Research and development in these areas is continually ongoing.

The same can be said for radar, integrated missile systems and 3C systems.

In my opinion, the Westland/Augsta Merlin helicopter is the best in its class, catering for both the civil and military markets equally well and is a strong contender for the US presidential helicopter.

Airbus have developed superb and cutting edge aircraft (part - or was part BAe owned).

In the past 30 - 50 years we have seen from the UK:

The world’s only supersonic passenger aircraft.
ILS systems invented for airports
The first ever AWACS aircraft.
Ejector seats
Carrier landing systems for US warships
And the UK gave the US the technology it needed to break the sound barrier.
New rotor blade technology enabling faster and more maneuverable helicopters and resulting in the fastest helicopter in the world, (the Westland Lynx) the technology which has been gleefully lapped up by the US for use on its own helicopters.
The first Vertical Take Off and Landing fixed wing aircraft, the Harrier. something which the US has been trying to copy successfully for some time. The harrier has reined supreme in its field for over 30 years and is only just being considered for replacement due to the JSF project.

That’s all from the top of my head - I’m sure there are many more past and ongoing projects that will happen (but unfortunately many will be developed in the US). And that’s only in the aerospace and defence industry. And that’s only from the UK

Also, two thirds of the global investment flows into the US stem from Europe which bolsters the US economy beyond all comprehension. It would be nice to see some reciprocal action.

It might be because Europe takes care of its people … is more socialist …
Now the US only takes care of the TOP …

But you know, the US is pretty giving to its poor … they get food stamps, just like the Germans did in WWII in Europe … … 90006.html oops, maybe it’s too expensive and they’ll take the incentive away from the poor and distribute the money to the rich through tax cuts …

Anyways … seems as both the US and EU have different policies … oh, forgot … priorities

adding to belgian pie’s accurate comment,i would add
“is a bigger GDP necessary??”
it might be lower in europe,but we don’t waist it in useless and unsuccessful wars.
nor is it used in the bottomless pit like NASA
for a proper reflection,look at other statistics,
crime rate
general happiness

What does that even mean? Every time I hear Euros going on about how they are better than us I can’t help but think “sour grapes”. Who cares? If Airbus does well does it make you feel all giddy? Want to raze an American about it? Explaining revisionist history to an American on WWII or whatever history in the last 200 years give you wood? Daly posts going after America/Americans etc. and JAS posts one on Euroville and you get all bitchy. It’s just gay and you come across like you have an inferiority complex.

Wow, I don’t feel the love here… even though it’s Friday afternoon (evening for you). Weekend! No need to start fighting, we all know that Europe will have become 99,95% Muslim in about 20 years, so I say it’s a good think that the average American will be twice as rich by then. I mean, you don’t want to be faced with a Muslim superpower Europe, do you?

In any case, it’s all the baby boomers’ fault.

How did I know you’d turn up for a bit of intellectual input on the subject.

Sorry - I didn’t say the Euro’s were better than you. i’m just laying out some of the facts.

No, but being a pilot and having an interest in aviation I think it is a good thing because not only does airbus introduce good technology and R+D into the aviation market, it makes aeroplanes safer as it increases competition AND technology sharing across the two companies.
We all like to see safer, more economic aircraft, don’t we?

FYI, I happen to think Boeing make very good aircraft too.

I used Airbus as a counter example to the original argument that there is little R+D in Europe, not as a “hey, we’re better than you argument.”

Don’t be a prick.

[quote=“Ralphy”]Explaining revisionist history to an American on WWII[/quote] Did I do that? Even if I did, the Americans seem to have re-written the history books so who’d actually listen?

Most of them started by Americans themselves :unamused:

Believe me, I dislike Europe as much as I dislike the States. And can you show where I have become bitchy?

Sorry Ralphy. I don’t think that I have been in any way nasty to the states in this thread at all and have remained pretty much down the middle, whereby supplying information to the contrary to the original poster’s point or explaining some of the reasons as to why the US seems to have a higher rate of R+D compared to the mean average of the EU.

Does that sound gay to you?

Perhaps you could engage in some sensible conversation once in a while. Pick up some business periodicals or keep some tabs on current affairs. That way you won’t look like an uneducated tosspot.

Oh yes the average American … what’s in a name … but don’t count the almost 13% poor … some figures about the income gap …

[quote]tosspot[/quote] There’s a word that doesn’t get used nearly often enough. Although bawbag has a couthier ring to it, I feel.