The Europeans are always saying how ignorant of the world Americans are. Well! It seems our intellectual lords aren’t as well informed as they might like us to believe.

Europeans ‘ignorant’ of EU treaty

Nine out of 10 European Union citizens know little or nothing about the new EU constitution, a study suggests.

But half of the 25,000 people polled by the EU said they would vote in favour of the treaty, which faces referendums in 10 of 25 member states.

The EU-wide poll, conducted by Eurobarometer in October last year, found that only 11% felt they knew the content of the European Constitution “globally”.

Some 56% said they knew a little, while 33% had never heard of the constitution. [/quote]

I love it. The majority know almost nothing about the treaty but they will still vote in favor of it. And the US is supposed to tie its security to these yahoos???

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Some people have the sense to stay away from bureaucratic institutions.
Some people are as stupid as other people.

I’m sorry, but foriegn affairs, defence, social security, culture and taxation is inhenently different in every country. How can you streamline culture?

Yeah. And Blair wanted to have a referendum on the EU constitution only if a “yes” vote was on the cards. Otherwise he was going to go ahead and join anyway.


What a tribute to the first ever democracy.

It always suprised me people in my country hardly take any note about the EU. Nobody cares for an institution wich is even now influencing national politics in a large extend and which wants to re-shape the whole continent.

So everybody will be wondering when they get their blue passports one day :smiley: