Europe-Taiwan Business Group


I am thinking about starting an Europe-Taiwan business group based on LINE or FB, while I am looking for opportunities to introduce right European products/services to Taiwan market as well as Taiwanese products/services to European markets. I wonder if anybody here may get interested? Pls reply or PM me.


you need to be way way way more specific on what you want to sell and what you are expecting to buy


At some stage, it will. At this moment the specific question is that if any people with similar interests will think this type of group helps.


personally, and i do speak for myself only,
people who generally deal with import/export know exactly how to get their goods.

  • with internet now, it has never been so easier. ( of course there is bad and good suppliers but with a bit of work you can generally clean up 90% of the unwanted ones.)
    there are plenty of facebook group like that and even if it start with the best intentions, too many trolls will shattered your dreams.

you want to do some business it is pretty easy, get your clients, get your suppliers, and even to be a middle man, you will need to create ur company. no one will ever pay you based on trust.


Thanks for your opinions.