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I am planning a trip to Europe in July for about 15 days. I have some questions in mind and i think many of you guys would know the answer.

  1. Is july a good time to see europe.As of now I plan to see London,Paris,Venice,Rome,Switzerland

  2. Are these places good to go in july.Is it possible to see them all in 15 days

  3. Is there a better suggesstion for places to see in europe in 15 days.

  4. Does anyone know of a travel agent who provides good travel groups to europe.

I am sure i will have many many more questions to ask but first i want to know the basics and then i will plan accordingly.

Can some one help on these issues

Thanks !!

June or September are much better if you can. Good weather, fewer tourists about, less hassle in finding spots in hotels and on trains or planes.

In July, schools all over Europe are closed so all the parents with kids and the students will be flooding all over the place.
August is even worse with the French and the Italians concentrating their holidays then.

As to two weeks for all those places, yes, you’re cramming in too much. Sounds like you’ll spend about one day in each place and one day on the road between each of them, and that’s just too bad. London, Paris and Rome are worth several days each, and Switzerland is a country, not a town you can race through in one day. I would cut the itinerary by half at least and focus on either the northern part - UK/France - or the southern part - Switzerland/Italy.

If you book now, you can fly very cheap with

London Luton-Paris Charles de Gaulle,
London Luton-Geneva,


Have a look at the site and others like

Cheers and have fun

An “open jaw” ticket might be useful if you wish to experience more of the area. It saves you backtracking to your point of entry.

Are you budget-conscious? Here’s a great way to find free acommodation. Arrange to stay at people’s houses for free through

What every one else has said really. Too much too quickly, but I can understand that you want to get your money’s worth. Think about how much time you want to spend in cities, you may want to consider cutting down the number of countries and getting out to see the countryside, mountains or beaches…people are generally different and you’ll see more of the “real” country and its people.

It really depends on what you enjoy. Personally, I could spend two weeks happily driving around France or Italy or Switzerland, eating, walking in the mountains and relaxing.

You mentioned other places for suggestion. I really love Russia’s and Poland’s scenery, they are well worth looking into.

Have fun!

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Thanks for your suggestions!!

If i fly from taipei to london and than go on to see these places by eurorail or something like that. And take a flight back from the last place i see for example Rome to taiwan.

Do you think it is feasible …And also i want to know which place is good to go in switzerland.

Or would you suggest cutting down some place from the list i gave and add on some more days in switzerland. Which place would you suggest cutting down. London or Rome


In Europe, the airways I gave you the link of, are cheaper than train. But if you insist in seeing some scenery, then train of course is the better way to go.

Switzerland: All Japanese go on top of the “Jungfrau”, a beautiful mountain, but basically every mountain would do. I suggest “Schilthorn” or “Titlis”. It’s cheaper to go up there…

Be aware that Switzerland really is far more expensive that Italy or France! Train costs a fortune, “cheap” youth hostels are available though.

If you need more help, PM me.

Thanks!!the site is really good!!

Thanks a lot for the help.I will chalk out a plan now

Dont forget Amsterdam :fume:

I have been looking some travel tours for europe provided by travel agents.I need some advise

Have a look at the above link. Do you think its good or too expensive. Also is the above itinary possible in much less amount,. Can you guys give me an estimate ??


Also can you suggest some tarvel tour operators in taiwan who can provide a good 15 day package tour to europe.

Wow, that’s a lot of travelling in just 14 days! Are you used to travelling these kinds of distances? You need time to relax and get over jet lag. If you an unseasoned traveller this alone could take 3 or 4 days.

One day in London is not enough in my opinion. Can you afford to stay longer? In my honest opinion it is too much too quickly. Europe will still be there next year - do a little at a time. Obviously you have to think about money, but you could end up just spoiling your holiday by being just too tired to enjoy it.

The back of the Taipei Times has contact details for many travel agents. I recently used Interlink - good service!

Hope this helps,

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[quote=“InduTai”]I have been looking some travel tours for Europe provided by travel agents.I need some advise

Have a look at the above link. Do you think its good or too expensive. Also is the above itinary possible in much less amount,. Can you guys give me an estimate ??

That’s totally ridiculous. Basically you’re just going to sit on a plane, sit on a coach for 2 weeks and sit on a plane again. You will see nothing at all of any of the places you visit.
It’s a total waste of your time and money. You’d do much better buying a National Geographic DVD featuring Europe. Much cheaper and you’ll learn much, much more.
That trip is a complete ripoff.

I worked as a Mandarin speaking guide once.

What my impression of Taiwanese tour groups were:


What Taiwanese tour groups do:

  1. Wear funny hats.

  2. Eat Chinese food whenever possible.

  3. Spend all their time on a coach.

  4. Get off-loated for blitz strike guided tours… (OK, let’s do this 400 year old huge castle in 25 minutes).

  5. Get a few shopping stops… (Special price, only for you - the only special is the reverse discount they get - and the 10% I got).

  6. Get pushed thru a program more exhausting than the US navy seals hell week.

And… here’s the best one…

They get to pay a lot of money for it…

Also, to Scandinavia, the average age of the poor sods on the tour was some 55 years… Interesting company if you are young, I should say.

If you speak English enough to get around - and you do - then don’t go on a tour, unless you are afraid of heading out on your own.

Indian posting handle, Indian travel agency. Interesting. Exploring the market?

Kuoni is not Indian, I think it’s Swiss. What you have is merely the home page of their Indian subsidiary.

Also, I know for a fact that Kuoni are doing their fair share of incoming Taiwanese tour groups to Scandinavia, and the rest of Europe for that matter. I have guided a high double digit number of tour groups for them alone.

Just because an Indian looks at an Indian travel site, does not mean that he works for them.