🇪🇺 Europe | Ukraine vs. Taiwan

I’m here in Odessa, Ukraine. Ukraine is by most measures a third world country.

But I can’t really say Taiwan looks much better.

Maybe I’m at the beach where it’s built for tourists.

But I was just in Prague. Aside from classical buildings, it doesn’t look different from the US. There was lots of space. I always picture Europe as being more densely populated.

Europe is more densely populated than the US. Flyover country in the US has really few people.


Yes but Europe is probably closer to US in population sensity than to East Asia.

Which measures?

When I think of third world countries, I think of Somalia, North Korea, Afghanistan… I don’t think of Ukraine. At worst, it’s second world… or more appropriately, a developing country. Taiwan is definitely not third world either. You could make an argument it’s second world or developing, but beyond chaotic traffic, it’s not that different from South Korea and Japan in terms of infrastructure, education, technology, food production, finances, etc.

For one its GDP per capita raw is $2,200.

Taiwan’s is $22,000.

They both look the same. In fact, I don’t see otobai here. Lots of crappy cars, terrible roads, but no otobai.

There’s more to defining third world than GDP.

I always heard Odessa has the most beautiful women in the world and an average guy with decent job can fly to Odessa and come home with a model.

How about life expectancy only 71 years.

I’ve asked two women what their jobs are. One said she’s on vacation right now. The other said she’s volunteering helping homeless people.

Life expectancy of 71 years is … well, not great… but, not bad.

Somalia’s life expectancy is 56 years for comparison.

Asking two people what their jobs are is hardly a scientific poll.

Probably an exaggeration on your second fact, by there is truth to it.

Remember Ukraine also has a bit of a war happening with Russia right now. So that would have an impact on the populace.

I’ve heard of the beauty of Ukraine women countless times. An American born Ukrainian guy told me it is true and he will fly back to the land of his ancestry when he is looking to get married. There is huge variation in attractiveness in different places. Ive met many Russian girls and their reputation for beauty (and being a high maintenance B) is deserved. I’ve thought I will visit Odessa for this purpose. I know a Ukrainian girl who is pretty and she told me her American husband did exactly this and this was how she came to be in US.

I knew a family from the Ukraine who relocated to the US. This was when I was in my early 20s and before I left the US for Taiwan.

They had 2 daughters, both stunningly beautiful. Very humble too. The father wanted me to date one of his daughters. I passed on that at the time as I was planning to move to another State. If I could only rewind time. They say hind sight is always 20/20.

but in taiwan, the average girl thinks shes a model.


Huh? that’s why they dress and eat like that :joy: true model

What did the daughters think about that?


And she is the one that asked her father to ask me. A family with a very traditional way of doing things. For her to ask me directly would have been too forward for their way of doing things.

Went something like this: I knew her father from work. We got along well. He invited me to dinner at their home. I met his family. The daughter asked her father if she could date me. The father gave his blessing and asked me.

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Interesting. Sounds like you made the right choice though. There probably would have been a lot of pressure for the relationship to work out.

I’m happy here. Married, children and a good life. Life can go in so many different directions. Taiwan has worked out well for me.


Ukraine has been encroached upon and bullied by a larger entity for a long time and it shows. Sounds familiar…

Anyway, here’s a fun and relevant image