European economy stagnating

There are other variables at play, such as cultural. It’s pretty strong logic that welfare promotes laziness.

No its not, its your own logic based on predjudice, rooted in a lack of wordliness and a healthy slice of indoctrination.

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Your Link was from 1989, when the whole world was gung-ho on Reganomics and high on the fall of communism.

We find that increases in the scale of government lead to statistically significant reductions in both the economic base and the economic growth rate

Spoiler alert:

It didnt work out that way

It’s an empirical study. Mood is irrelevant.

Im not sure if you are trolling.

Yeah, there are a lot of empirical studies. Economists Have Predicted Nine Out Of The Last Five Recessions
The vast majority of economic literature show that a larger government is bad for economic growth.

Using pooled OLS, panel random effects estimation, as well as system-GMM estimation techniques, we find that in general, akin to findings in the literature, a bigger government is detrimental for state-level economic growth.

Still better than “but Sweden.”

You have just pooled a single study man. I dont think you are arguing in good faith, you claimed the BNT vaccine was one of the least effective.

But anyway, since 1989, the Anglosphere countries all embraced neo-liberalism and privization and we all got relatively poorer. So… you are wrong

Ergo all Swedes are lazy… you post some real good pseudoscience!

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Read it more carefully. That Study said the results were consistent with other studies.

Yes, that’s exactly what I concluded! Your reading skills are bar-none!

You posted a study that says that welfare states make people lazy. That is a generalization that implies that all or the majority become lazy.

You’re reasoning skills don’t seem top notch man!

[quote=“OysterOmelet, post:150, topic:219548”]
over this thread people are defending Europe based on stuff like handsome pensions, cradle-to-the-grave welfare benefits, five week vacations, and other things you didn’t earn individually.

Its not like that everywhere there.
If you are going to criticise look at yourself first.

Go on…

The only welfare payment I’ve ever taken from the government was a Pell grant.

You were born with a silver spoon lol.
You have no right to criticise anybody getting a handout or a leg up.

Your parents are emigrants and you have passport of the most powerful state on the world + passport of Semiconductor hub (Taiwan). Is Western, American generosity towards your family. Cultures, societies of etnical Chinese don’t have this generosity. Can get access to best paid jobs in USA + social health care in Taiwan at the same time.
You are more privileged than 99% of people and I am positive like most Taiwanese with dual citizenship, you do your best to take advantage of both system.
Stop calling us Europeans lazy, cause we have access to welfare, for which me and my family have paid taxes for decades.
I love to say Taiwanense are hypocrites. You are perfect school studied example. Start paying taxes or be quiet


No. I have Taiwanese citizenship but I don’t literally have an actual Taiwan passport.

I never used the NHI system, although I know some dual citizens do. Last time I saw the doctor in Taiwan we paid out of pocket.

I do pay taxes, are you saying I don’t pay taxes?

Your educated parents who were permitted dual citizenship by a generous Western govt shovelled money at you to set you up for life and you dare to criticise others about getting free handouts.

What a joke.


Yep, and they probably purchased a real estate. Which accumulated in value, simple cause the FED has printed money like crazy…But when federative government gave check for 1000 dollars to poor people you screaming socialism.

Is not child allowance, maternity leave, state kindergarten and paid holidays welfare I received for free. Luckily we have ok income and can pay taxes. So others less lucky families can afford basic needs for children. But the real free lunch I receive is fixed loan for 1.7%. Will gradually invest half a million on stocks market, after 30 year of compounding willl pay taxes one time. I Probably next 3 generations can live on that money. Socialism for rich. Cause when things go wrong, central bank buys us out. Family capital. Almost without taxation.

I wasn’t screaming socialism at anything. Just that Americans find it weird to be bragging about free stuff.

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