European observers coming for election

I talk like that live in Taiwan but I don’t.

That is great. Should invite many more. Might be our last.

In the future, Taiwan will alwaysbhave that “We told you so” card. Small optimisms.

What is the purpose of sending delegates to observe the election? Are they prepared to recognize the legitimacy of ROC elections and Taiwan’s national sovereignty?

Ensure that they’re free and fair. No cheating.

How would the delegates do that?

I’m guessing they just sit there and watch with their trained eyes.

Lol. What a useful job they have. How do I get this job?

How boring.

you can apply at various ngo’s.

as you can guess this is not a full-time job rather than a mission. you can know more about it on

Long-Term Observers receive a small fee plus expenses for the duration of the mission. Short-Term Observers do not receive a fee but they do have their expenses covered. Details of fees and per diem expense rates will be provided to you when you apply.

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I’m getting one for Russia!


Lots of foreign media in town, I including the Taiwan uncensored guy.

That video thumbnail…yikes. He looks better after editing.

Sure lots. More the better, this is a great middle finger situation to hina all arpund.

Watch trump flip flop and fuck this whole evolution up one night on twitter whilst tweeking.