European Union falling apart ?


EU first!
Make the EU great again!
That’s the logical answer to Donald Trump and the Brexiters.

It’s not only the flagships that should leave, there is a long tail of 100 000 jobs that will have to follow.

They should relocate them to Spain, Italy and Greece.


Yep 110,000 jobs related to Airbus alone.

All that waffle from the Tories.
They arent leaving the Customs Union.

I mean they can if they want, it’ll be a nice boost for French and Spanish factories .

Can trade with the US…Eh wait a second the US is whacking on tariffs on everything .

Can trade with India…They just want Indians to be able to migrate easier to the UK that’s all.

Boris Johnson said he is going to open his Chelsea homes as soup kitchens for the needy.

British people for British jobs. There are already a lot of vacancies for strawberry picking, nurses, you name it. Loads of jobs. They’ll be alright .




Doing pretty well actually. :slight_smile:

Thanks EU and UK for making it easier to know where investment should go !



Dailymail comments …In amongst the dross there are some good ones.

‘The Tory Party will leave the United Kingdom if there is no agreement forthcoming about Brexit,’ Mr Boris Johnson (no relation) announced just in time for the late evening news. ‘Since this government was elected, Britain has become a country of endless crises: its economy, education, health, housing, transport and mass unemployment are all spiralling out of control, while politicians on both sides stare out of the window, drink heavily and occasionally throw paper aeroplanes at each other.’ he said. ‘The Tory Party is going to move somewhere less turbulent and more stable, like Libya, Iraq or the Ga za Strip.’

This one seems to think it will be hard to find workers in the south of France .

‘Look forward to seeing them find 15,000 folk ready to work in France. They have been taking guys from aerospace to the south of france to work for 20 yrs. utter BS yet again.’

It’s an establishment conspiracy but not clear who the establishment are.

‘All orchestrated by the establishment as they crank up the negativity … these people need to be called out for what they are.’

This one is quite clear about it. They don’t want 130,000 jobs in the UK.

‘Get lost Airbus. Get lost BMW! We do t want you in the UK anyway!’

‘Time to call their bluff if they want to go let them but impose heavy taxes on any imports. There is plenty of competition that can take their place at half the price’

‘Don’t fly on Airbuses and buy another car. Same with all these bla c mailers…’

Looks like prop planes could be making a comeback.


What’s the Euro equivalent of 0.5 rmb?


Do it fast. Don’t bother with the charade.


So so much . By leaving the world’s biggest free trade zone


Read the comments.

‘Thick as mince’ lol

Himself and Bog-roll Boris make a crack team.


and you wonder why the EU is failing . Of course that “deplorables” strategy works so well…so keep trying it. The Gobalist /EU/Liberal startegies do not seem to appeal to everyone, but they must ALL be wrong . Such arrogance created the ambivalence that called for change. Obvious to any sane person, that leaving the EU will be painful…but some believe that , in the long term , it may be better to have a bigger say in ones destiny.

Providing things are still Democratic and we decide in that way, questioning the intelligence of those voters who disagree with you seems to me bigotry of the first order. Brexit may be a mistake in your eyes , but I accepted Policies that I didn’t agree with , under different Governments. I did not call Members of Trade Unions fools in the 70’s because I understood why they wanted to have Trade Unions. I thought it may result in the demise of some Industries, but sometimes we have to learn by the mistakes.
This attitude Worldwide needs to change , in order to be able to actually get things done. Both sides need to talk and mediate, if they don’t…what then. You create the very things you claim to detest.


But that’s how you start to re-open concentration camps in Hungary, didn’t you get the memo?


So why should ppl support him if he’s not any different?


That’s what we did in Europe and started to work together instead of everyone for himself.
It’s also a proven success story, and throwing this over board like that is not very intelligent.
How about the USA, should they separate? Each state for themselves? Wasn’t the US considered a success story that Europe somehow wanted to imitate?


It depends on how you define success, surely? So You did not learn what happens when you let any Collectivism become too large , or try to shut down opposing views . I see far more Fascism from the Left than the very people they claim to be Fascists. The EU would need to be more totalitarianist in the future surely?

Hard to compare USA/EU/// the Europeans unite through treaties, all the way from the Treaty of Paris to the Treaty of Lisbon, the Americans have their basis in a constitution. We have treaties, the requirement for which is acceptance by the 27 member states. Unanimity carries a risk of blockage. A main reason for recent failures …oh sorry success!

I see what you think, but it does not change the thread, which is that it seems to be failing. The reasons why are debatable, I agree/


…until 2008.

I do think the EU is a good idea and there’s been some great achievements, ideally it should be going strong and more countries would join, but the reality is cruel.


California is just as messed up as the EU.
Huge debt.
Run by Dems (hold near super-majority, so they can pass anything), etc. etc.


It was interesting to note that if you take out the CA voting from the last election , Trump would have had a 2 million popular vote majority


The reality is pretty good with a continent that is largely prosperous and also at peace, it’s citizens enjoying excellent human rights and that offers the opportunity to work, travel and study freely in 28 countries. It’s so attractive millions literally risk their lives to try and get into it.

It’s far from perfect but overall many Europeans have benefited greatly. The migration crisis was going to happen sooner or later due to population growth and climate change . The EU needs to have a more muscular response … I think Italy and Austria and Germany minority parties will help to effect change from inside the bloc instead of leaving it …Leaving the EU causes more problems than it solves.


I’m talking about Dodgy Dave and Bog Roll Boris, don’t take it personally :).

Dodgy Dave said it’s been a great success so far.

Ergo : Thick as Mince


It’s not failing just because one or two might leave. In fact it could be improved and strengthened .
It’s going through growing pains for sure though, a lot of work needed.