European Union falling apart ?


you’re talking about macron, right? probably the same reason so many blue collar workers gave their vote to trump. they have hope. in politics it’s all about hope for the better.


I think it’s because the European media created this narrative of macron being the only hope against the rise of Nazism, fascism, xenophpbia and all the other current year talking points that were thrown at Le Pen.
After his election many people all over the Eu were celebrating the victory of democracy, but it turned out that Macron wasn’t exactly a beacon of progressivism, so not everyone is happy about what he does or says.


WTF is the European media?
Have you anything useful to say at all?

The whole narrative of the EU falling apart got crushed in this thread. Love it.

The EU is super successful compared to 90% of the countries on this planet , it’s citizens enjoying undreamed of living standards, security, human rights and opportunities compared to 50 years or even 20 years ago for some of the newer Eastern bloc members.

You couldn’t even bring up the old insulting PIGS narrative that the British press were throwing a few years ago, didn’t even mention it once lol.
Because Ireland is flying, Portugal is doing well, Spain is turning around, Greece is wrapping up it’s loan program, only Italy is in a bad way.

But let’s get to Brexit we can post articles about that all day.


It was not. You can choose to bury your head in the sand . That is your right.


I will keep posting articles about Brexit as the UK is part of the EU still it’s definitely relevant in terms of places falling apart.


Well , Brexit may be relevant , as the first major dissent, contributing to the collapse of the EU, I agree .but the aim was to extricate ourselves from the EU, that’s all


Lisbon is booming.


Spain grew fastest amongst advanced economies.


European Eastern tigers roar ahead.


Poland labour shortage


Too easy . :slight_smile:


Things in the recent past were not so rosy …even taking away 2008


Too easy too see there are really Social and Economic problems …Not easy to make those issues of debate with someone who wont accept them


Magaronis: "





Mentions the lack of Press reporting any negatives BTW. You are entitled to HOPE that the EU will survive , but not to completely paint a purely positive picture and imply it may not collapse.


Idk if it’s falling apart, maybe a bit extreme. But I don’t think you can say with a straight face that it’s stable. There seems to be a variety of things that threatens the future of the EU.


Yes, that is why I put a question mark in the Title of the thread . It is for discussion.