European Union falling apart ?


So three quarters want the Euro lol.
The EU has grown rapidly to 27 countries and a population of 500 million or so.

It’s no surprise that in a time of rapid global change that it is facing challenges. I have no doubt things will work out. The reason why it may seem ‘unstable’ is because it is a democratic club of many nations and there are different voices and opinions on how to face those big challenges. I think the migration challenge is finally being faced and the EU and Germany in particular realising they can’t fudge it anymore and depend on countries like Italy and Greece to accept the current situation .

If we wanted stable should we be more like China or the US ? Or Russia or Turkey ?

Would leaving the EU make an individual country more stable or Europe itself more stable ? I dont think so.


Support for the EU is generally up across the union.
Italy is relatively low, I could see why given the migrants flooding their country which has had poor economic growth.

At the same time, how would Italy survive outside the EU.? Don’t see it happening myself.

Italy should quit the Euro, but it would be very financially damaging for a period.


Politicians who express euro skeptics position don’t have to wait long before they get called far right neo nazis from most eu media. Not long ago even the Swedish Democrats were labelled as FAR RIGHT -__-’

I also find it interesting that during elections in the US and EU people enjoy getting outraged about Russian meddling in the democratic process, but when it comes to sucking Putin’s dick for some sweet, sweet natural gas…

Interesting that Germany can do deals with Putin even while being clearly opposed by other member states of the Eu, all the while causing environmental damage.



Prophetic words from 2013



Is it like Gordon Chang’s book the coming collapse of China lol?

How does he even show his face…

Don’t be a Gordon Chang :slight_smile:



“Look , said Brian, the EU is fine , I will show you.”


Let the people decide on brexit they said


I love my holidays too lol.
That’s the no 1 ranked show God help us.


Did you read the article?

“Yet the monthly average wage is still roughly €850 ($1000). Market liberalisation, combined with a huge influx of foreign money, has helped raise property prices in central Lisbon 30 per cent in two years.”

If that can be called doing well then Taiwan is performing exceptionally as well.

Because everyone’s moved to Germany and England :rofl:


And none of your points refuted any of mine.

They are all enjoying positive momentum and not negative and actually have a lot more potential than Taiwan long term due to security cooperation and membership of EU internal market.

Taiwan has massive massive challenges in the near term that dwarf anything faced by EU states.

So how is that ‘falling apart’ exactly ?

There are many more positive stories from around EU, the UK being a notable exception as it tries to prevent itself from falling apart :).


These countries (I mean Spain, Portugal, Greece etc.) used to be significantly richer than Taiwan, but now the gap has been closed. Their economic performances over the past decade have been absolutely terrible while they were all in the Union (and Taiwan was not even doing that well). What makes you think they have more potential to do well in the future?

You can say that Eastern Europe has improved, but they all started from a much lower point. It’s a lot easier to improve from 0 to 50 than from 70 to 90.


Well yes but their future is relatively bright.
Poland booming is a massive success story and there was nothing guaranteed about that. It is 90 % dependent on being part of the EU and easy trade and investment with Germany .
Same with Ireland. I have no doubt Spain will get back into high gear sooner than later.


Oh dear it’s all falling apart.


The car industry is one of the leading employers in the country, responsible for 856,000 jobs, 186,000 of which are on the production lines.

Did the writer even look at his own #s?

And even so, not all 856k or 860k jobs will ever be lost.
Heck, the UK gov’t could get smart and pull a Trump and drop the business tax and see all kinds of money come flooding back to the UK.


The UK is already a tax haven, it is losing it’s advantage by ejecting itself from the EU.
60% and up for car parts of the cars made in the UK are imported into the UK from the EU. A large number of those cars are then exported. Tariff nightmare. Just in time nightmare.

Almost all the car factories are owned by foreign shareholders and foreign companies.

Project Fear my arse, this is Project Reality.


Most likely there will be some reformatting, the inclusion in the EU of underdeveloped countries was a mistake, one can not put in one level a country with such a different level of development


It seems that only the UK has had a problem with that though(internal EU immigration )
And the UK could have slowed down or blocked entry of those countries or their labour force .
And how much of the brexit vote was against EU internal immigration anyway ?
I think they conflated all immigrants together.

The only major problem in the EU I can discern is non EU immigration at the moment .