European Union falling apart ?





By “not long ago”, do you mean the 90’s, when they were still wearing Nazi uniforms to party meetings? Or do you mean in the presenrt decade, when they got caught calling blacks monkeys and the N word, funneling money to the Nordic Resistance Movement, letting NRM members run as SD candidates, and so on?

How anyone would get the impression that they were or are “far right” is, like, such a mystery. :tumble:


That’s the usual argument against fiat currency, which is what most currencies are nowadays. It’s not like the euro was the first.

If the euro’s problem is its fiat nature, how is it any less of a problem for the USD etc.? Do you have a counter-proposal? :slight_smile:


The problem with this discussion is, in the absence of a clear definition of “falling apart”, any incident that reduces the size or power of the EU without destroying it can be used as evidence that either side is correct.

A: Look! Another member just left!
B: Good riddance! We were sick of bailing them out, and we never needed them!

It’s like ROC embassies all over again. :idunno:


As a resident of the UE I am somewhat preoccupied by the limit that Brexit may apply to the external frontiers. Will I continue to be able to travel to the UK for example? Or will Europe find itself isolated following from this Brexit?


Without EU, third world war would have already happened


The title had a question mark. if we don’t debate, because there may be no definitive answer , I guess we will never form opinions that will result in the same . This is not a “Right " or 'Wrong” issue , but an internet debate , with views from from both sides of the spectrum.
Yes, people can be entrenched in a particular view, yes they may post memes as a general point-maker ( some of which may be unsubstantiated) but it is discussion.

the only definitive proof would be the end result …ergo , do you propose that all discourse / opinions on all subjects must be not entered into , unless there can be a definitive answer ?

You take more time than most , to verify factual data, which is commendable . I am probably too casual in posting , and I do in a little tongue in cheek , which I apologise for but it encapsulates a viewpoint …right or wrong .

Not enough time, st the moment, to answer a complex question like " War would have happened without EU" . It is an opinion. I hold opinions but I am also willing to hear other sides and , indeed change my mind. It may not appear that way , simply because at the moment , I think there are serious problems within the EU , which are almost impossible to fix, so I highlight those.
It does not mean I think the EU has been absolutely terrible in the past , even though I disagree with some of the fundamental structure and policies.

Hope yu don’t apply your thinking to all discourse on the Flob…will be quiet place


I believe the key question which person does not ask truly here is to know how the UE can survive after having been cut from Great Britain? With a population and economy tellingly reduced after being cut off how can the UE exercize an economic influence for example on the US?


EU 551 million - UK 65 million = EU 496 million.

Think they’ll be alright.


Yes, but in the stormy future that lies ahead the UE 27 may need to compte on the UK 2.33 to assure a regular supply of Horlicks. It may become a majeure preoccupation


That was directed at the thread in general, not at Honorable Shia. :bowing:

But I would like to hear your proposal to replace fiat currency, if you have one. :slight_smile:


“Russia is meddling with…oh”


Falling over , but not falling apart.:wink:


That’s the biggest one. For smaller conflicts, France is almost always involved.



Most European countries have no real history with Africa. Africans need to sort out their own shit, some of them actually are as I can see in Kenya, Ethiopia , Rwanda, Eritrea .


Most European countries are too tiny to have any real history with anyone but their neighbors.

But two of the largest ones had plenty, and since you’re all in the Union, you’ll just have to manage with the consequences.


Nope not our fault.
They need to fix it themselves and we don’t have any responsibility for them.


Greeks, Romans, Portuguese, Dutch, British, French, Germans, Belgians, Italians, and Spanish.

Pretty much all significant enough to be called ‘plenty’.


Don’t worry about Fabrice’s riddles. Something tells me outriddled himself. :whistle: