European Union falling apart ?



Oh well, now Ireland can have a chance to integrate a Million of them, according to the latest 2040 plans. They are serious, even paying the Media to promote the idea, and it’s only projected to cost Ireland 116 Billion Euros. As assimilation of migrants has caused huge problems already , do you think it will be ok this time?


It’s okay Ireland will be just fine we will win the World Cup football is coming home.


Actually, I wondered if you genuinely agree with a 20% influx to Ireland ?


I want to win the World Cup if that’s what it takes worked for the French.


Uhhh… i’m gonna take a truly unprecedented wild guess that these youths likely do not have -son or -berg or -vist or -lund in their last names. Just a huge wild guess.


"The violence comes just three weeks before Swedish voters go to the polls in a general election. "

It’s clearly a tactic of far right nazis; they’ll blame it on minorities and try to swing the vote.




They burn churches in Norway, you know.

Oh, my. That complicates the narrative. Odin help us.


Nobody cares here…It’s not even 1% relevant to our life in Taiwan.


Said the man who replied to this EU ( not relevant to Taiwan) thread, 64 times. :wink:


Swedish something or other riots…Who cares.

Have any of you even been to Sweden !


This is why I never take anyone at his word when he makes a point of saying he doesn’t care.

Actually, I rarely take anyone at his word when he makes a point of telling me anything. People don’t go out of their way to be sincere.


Yes I have. My good friend in Taiwan is Swedish and daily life for his daughter, still living there, has been changed dramatically . There are major issues that are causing distress to many residents. Even you , I ;like to believe ,appreciate there are issues, and they need to be addressed soon ,or the EU will fragment and divide further BJ


Sweden matters, if you’re from Sweden. Even New Zealand matters to Kiwis, and to rich left coast people planning to flee the pitchforks.

Europe matters is you’re, uh, European… to the extent that’s even a thing. Me, I’m interested in the EU as an object lesson. Several object lessons, actually. And it intimately effects a large chunk of the world, simply by… well… comprising it.


Imagine my shock.


I hope they nail her for such reckless spending.


Goodness.Deutsche Bank AG on the NYSE just slumped to $9.67, down from a yearly high of $20.10 and- wait for it- an all time high of 115 bucks/share. That is staggering. Perhaps Italy refusing to play ball and Merkel rumours of not running again in December playing a part .


Merkel already announced to not run in December.
Hesse election this past weekend was the final nail in her swollen coffin.


Merkel still hoping to remain as Chancellor for another 3 years ! Not sure that will happen. BJ predicted that Italy may be a huge issue for the EU , think he is right.

Macron looking weak also/


Although the “News” has almost blacked this out , it goes on. French attempting to impose tougher laws on the demonstators now . It’s not good.
I guess nobody is asking for a regime change here.