European Union falling apart ?


Guess im slow on the uptake today so. Still though Italy dont get to make war jokes…


Is this where this expression came from ?


You’re talking as if Italy was right to attack France :roll:


You act like this is something new :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Macron throws shade at other people all the time. Don’t dish it if you can’t take it. He’s just being a baby.

They’re also not far off from the criticism of the handling of African nations for their oil interests.


I thought it was a good joke in my head, but i guess not lol.

But in all seriousness, if we are going to criticize the Chinese handling of African nations recently, France is subject to the same. Whatever the chinese are doing, France has done much worse and for far longer. They’ve been doing the exact same things giving investments to develop shitty projects for the African countries before African countries turned to China so.

France has been rolling over other EU nations with germany, especially with the migrant issue. Italy has taken a lot of the burden and catching France dump migrants into Italy has created this environment. France isn’t innocent of blame here.


Yea, pretty much. And the baby comment you made is valid too. It is very rash to recall the ambassador. Obviously he is under pressure with the yellow vests and over reacted. Those Italian politicians sound like opportunistic populists though.


Macron pretty much got outplayed here. Make a move and you bad with a rash move, don’t make a move and you look weak. He created this mess so i’m not crying over it.

As for the italian politicians, they are but I don’t blame them. The political environment made this almost inevitable. With the recession and already slow economy, who can blame the Italians for feeling this way about taking so many people in who are still largely unemployed and with such a different culture.


Yea he would have done better with a quieter response for sure. To look for the silver lining this is good news for the UK now.


Is this clip all wrong then ? Asking for a friend? When a Country is going to have to pay 46.9% (Ireland) of it’s total tax revenue towards debt repayments , is that not a worry …seriously BJ ? Italy , who you are saying are in trouble is at 26.9% . I am not being facetious or saying the Brits are any better , I am genuinely perplexed at the amount of debt out there.
I do not think his figures on empty housing stock can be correct …so I accept there may be discrepancies… and you know more about Ireland than I do.


When we will start to talk about Chinese or American debt? Wait, do they have debt at all? Or only debt with blue colors counts ? Am totally confused and is not only cause of whiskey


Is like doomsday preachers, guess they don’t know much about Europe except from what you read in some financial doomsday preachers who profit from this up and down motion that goes on forever. The average joe in Europe is not losing sleep from all that, trust me…