European Union falling apart ?


I was actually a supporter of EU Membership until maybe 10 years ago. It made sense.Customs Union , easier trading, more uniform policies, even though I thought EU Farming and Fisheries policy were unfair to the UK and wastful sometimes. Nothing is perfect but I was in .
The change seemed to be with a voracious appetite of the senior few, to absorb more and more Countries as fast as possible, even with very dubious economic status.
The stronger Countries ( if you take the main 10 or so , could subsidise the slightly weaker ones to help them recover and economies would have been on a more equal basis long term.

It is hard enough for us to agree here !,imagine 27 different cultures, economic strengths. religions, national identities, political views,pension rules,lifestyles…trying to agree a common policy. There is not a “one for all” solution.
Forcing austerity on some to try and catch up was unrealistic I think.
I have no desire to see the EU fail but unless they contract or drastically change course , I am pessimistic.


When the currency was being curated, Italy was amongst the richest countries in Europe with one of the strongest industries in the world. It wasn’t until the crisis that things went down to shit. They couldn’t have seen that.

When Ireland joined there wasn’t even an EU to join. The circumstances were different. Also, I think you know the reason why Ireland is that much above EU average is because of Apple using it as a tax haven. The GDP soared by 30% in one year because of that, otherwise it would’ve remained in line with other W. European countries.

Also, when Ireland joined in the 70s, even though it was poorer than other W. European countries, on the global scale it was still a rich country. The same cannot be said about most of E. European countries.


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@ Brianjones

First of all I don’t like it too that Germany takes the majority of refugees.
It was a terrible mistake Mrs. Merkel taking a selfie picture with a refugee publishing this world-wide.

But I like to remind you on the situation 3 years ago. People got stuck in Budapest, almost got imprisoned at the train station.
Refugees were walking on the highway, next to train-tracks, alongside with children/babies.
Hungarian Orban promised those refugees to organise buses to bring them to the border but instead he brought them somewhere else.

This really reminds me on dark times we all certainly dont want to have again ever forever.

The pressure was that high. And nobody except Germany/Austria did anything.

But I agree, then the mistake was NOT to communicate that this was an exceptional situation plus that stupid selfie picture …


from a BBC report:

Although Germany has had the most asylum applications in 2015, Hungary had the highest in proportion to its population, despite having closed its border with Croatia in an attempt to stop the flow in October. Nearly 1,800 refugees per 100,000 of Hungary’s local population claimed asylum in 2015.
Sweden followed close behind with 1,667 per 100,000.
The figure for Germany was 587 and for the UK it was 60 applications for every 100,000 residents. The EU average was 260.

That is why Hungary may have been slightly peeved.


Yanis was dealing with the EU under pressure . An insight from him, quite interesting


During the last few years they’ve been promoting the concept of “European identity”…like you’re not Dutch, Spanish, French of whatever…you’re European! And all European people share the same culture and values!
Which is absolutely nonsense, considering that even within each country there are dozens of different cultures.


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Interesting to get a German point of view. Those dark times seem to drive Germany into trying harder to make up for them. Those times are past and I don’t think Gerrmany is willing or capable to let it happen again. Don’t punish yourselves with this.
You can only do what is possible and reasonable to help , but other places are not as compassionate and care more about their way of life …and that is also acceptable , though arguably less moral.


So is the Euro dropping against the NT or what? I’m going there for 2 months, be nice to get a good exchange rate.


It is already sooooo cheap !!!


The rate is 1 : 35, it used to be 1 : 45, lol


Best rate was last year, 1 EUR = 32 NTD
Now still ok, I would buy


Yep I got a bunch last year at 32. Heading back down again because of Italy. Cheap euro isn’t a bad thing for a lot of us.


I have never been convinced by the argument that the EU needed complete freedom of movement of labor to work. It always seemed so ideological


Moving between European countries has always been very easy even long before the EU. The main difference is that pre-EU it was mainly skilled people with university degrees who had more opportunities abroad. Now with non-skilled workers being allowed to travel everywhere you get people from low-wage countries moving to higher-wage countries, saturating the workforce and keeping salaries in a stagnant situation.

Part of the free-move argument was ideological (“Yay, we’re all friends, there’s space for everybody, everywhere!”), part of it was to redistribute the workforce (this one less publicly explained because it screwed low-wage workers in many countries).


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I’m from the UK. I voted to remain in the EU, but that’s only because I was worried about the chaos of leaving abruptly and allowing radical right-wing elements of the Conservative Party (those who pressured Cameron into agreeing to the EU referendum in the first place) to dictate the terms of leaving and, no doubt, tear up all the human rights and labour laws that we’re obligated to abide by as EU members. In a real democracy, we would have the right to vote about whether or not to stay in the EU and on the terms of leaving (or, at the very least, voting for a representative to do so on our behalf). I don’t like the European Union, but I like giving the Conservative Party free reign over UK laws even less.


They shouldn’t have opened up the labour market so quickly to the new eastern European members with massive populations . But it was the UK choice (and a couple of others to do that) not the EU!

However a lot of that is in the rear view mirror , the irony is mass migration peak is over already from places like Poland. Poland is a huge EU success story .
You’ll find more people in the EU who appreciate the benefits than the negatives.


Passed into law by Hungary yesterday.
Will be interesting to see how the EU penalizes Hungary for this.

Someone translated the news article:

Parliament adopted the seventh amendment to the Basic Law at the initiative of the government on Wednesday. The fundamental obligation of the state to protect the country’s constitutional identity and Christian culture, and to prevent the settlement of a foreign population in Hungary was enshrined in the constitution. According to the adopted Stop Soros Act, the promotion and support of illegal immigration will be criminal offenses under the law.

The passage of the “Stop Soros” Act states:

It is against the law and punishable with a prison sentence to facilitate and support illegal immigration with organizing activities in order to allow the initiation of an asylum procedure in Hungary for a person who is not subject to persecution in his or her country of origin or in the country he or she transited to arrive in Hungary.

Organizing activities may also aim to obtain a residence permit for unauthorized entry. If a more serious offense is not committed, it is a misdemeanor, and these acts are punishable by closing down [the organization].

However, those who provide financial means for the commission of these offenses or carry out organizing activities on a regular basis shall be punished by imprisonment for up to one year.