European Union falling apart ?


Hungary should eject itself.


and your ( collective) inability to recognise the problems are the main reason the EU will fail…


Sounds like the 1930s. Populist nationalist xenophobic paranoid governments . Picking a few ethnic groups and famous names to target.
Hungary was an enthusiastic partner of the NAZIs and genocide when they rounded up the Jews. 430000 Jews were deported and murdered .
570000 Hungarian Jew were killed overall.
Now targeting another of their Jewish sons who had to escape to survive .
EU doesn’t need this .
Hopefully they will leave themselves before being booted out. Don’t like liberal democracy , piss off.


And so was…
Vichy France, Greece, Norway, Ukraine (which is trying hard to get INTO the EU), Czechoslovakia, former Yugoslavia, etc. etc.

The EU is full of ex-Nazi sympathizers to some degree or another.

Ireland isn’t squeaky clean either during those troubled times.


So basically they want to stop people abusing the “refugee” nonsense, since it’s supposed to apply only to countries next to the fleeting refugee’s and not to countries 5000kms away.


Yeah but they didn’t try and REPEAT the mistake is my whole point !
Hungary was an enthusiastic Jew killer, more than most. You should read more about it.

Then they attack a Hungarian Holocaust survivor and call it after him on purpose . Scum.

The door is open they are very welcome to leave anytime. But the country will be completely screwed without the EU, so I expect their govt won’t survive very long .


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The bloc is quaking. Plummy accents don’t work outside of the UK.


Mine is ok , don’t you know
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Well aware of WW2 history, appreciate your concern.
Here is the list, with #s and %-ages.
Shall the EU let Ukraine in, or kick out those with high percentages of their country’s Jews killed?

Country Approximate number of Jews Killed Percentage of Country’s Jews Killed
Austria 50,000 36
Belgium 25,000 60
Belorussia 245,000 65
Bohemia/Moravia 80,000 89
Bulgaria 11,400 14
Denmark 60 1.3
Estonia 1500 35
Finland 7 2.8
France 90,000 26
Germany 130,000 55
Great Britain 130
Greece 65,000 80
Hungary 450,000 70
Italy 7500 20
Latvia 70,000 77
Lithuania 220,000 94
Luxembourg 1950 50
The Netherlands 106,000 76
Norway 870 55
Poland 2,900,000 88
Russia 107,000 11
Romania 270,000 33
Slovakia 71,000 80
Ukraine 900,000 60
Yugoslavia 60,000 80


It’s about not repeating history, can’t you read ?

Hungary is welcome to eject itself as they don’t like the EUs liberal democracies. The EU has a human rights charter and a justice charter, you can’t pick and choose.

Fair enough, leave and see how they prosper.

The door is open anytime .


So, I’m asking you, do you want to let Ukraine into the EU?
Do you know the neo-Nazis are there right now on the side of the government supported by the west?
Here, you have Hungary which has yet to kill Jews since WW2 and you’re saying they should leave, because they may repeat history by the law they just passed.
Kind of like saying Hungary is guilty already and has to prove its innocence.
Meanwhile, there are Nazis currently in the Ukraine in the gov’t that the west supports, and people want the Ukraine to join the EU.


I don’t care about the Ukraine.

If Hungary doesn’t want to follow the liberal democracy that underpins the EU they should leave now . I hope the EU shows them the red card to speed up their decision making . Adios.


The level of discussion on forumosa… Is this about Eu all you guys are talking about is jews, nazis,…

You guys really need to up your level.


The political view from a Socialist , Trade Unionionist is pretty revealing. This has been part of the problem in dividing EU States into having less choice. Kind of the EU attitude at times towards any dissent.


Kurz has said he intends to make migration a key theme when Austria takes up the EU’s rotating presidency at the beginning of July and has been busy seeking allies for his stance.

Last week he announced that Seehofer, Austria’s interior minister Herbert Kickl and Italy’s new interior minister Matteo Salvini – from the xenophobic Northern League – had formed an “axis of the willing” to combat illegal immigration.

Seehofer already gave Merkel 2 weeks to get a deal done on immigration in the EU, so the clock is ticking into the 1st week of July for her ruling coalition.

I’m guessing she’ll let her interior minister do what he wants to do on the borders without actually coming out and saying anything specific.


Kurtz always reminds me of the horror, the horror.



God I wish they’d rename their party like that.
Xenophobic Northern League, no time for subtleties here.


“axis of the willing”, too. so dangerous and jackbootish


It’s a GREAT thing. I’m waiting for it to go down hard lmao.