Europeans, what is the deal with your fanny packs

Seriously? Is this 1990? You’re wearing this to a club?

It’s common in Taiwan at the club and American tourists wear it all the time. A lot of gangsters wear it to the club. Or a small bag like it.

Who in the US wears fanny packs to a club?

I’m more concerned with the white socks and black shoes. Disgraceful .


At least it isn’t sandals with white socks and Hawaiian shorts
I forgot the stink of cheap cologne

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Socks and sandals?

Cargo pants are still patented, this is the only alternative.

Am I behind in the 'Club wear" fashion ?


If you’re suiting up, it should be an upscale club.

If this is what city people honestly worry about, no wonder China is winning :frowning:

There’s like 10 guys and 2 girls there. Judging by their looks, it’s a club for losers. No wonder.

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Yes. You look like an investment banker from the 1980s. :sunglasses:


That image is like a Petri dish of nasty memes.

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Fanny packs were common in all the clubs I went to in Ukraine and Poland.

that (buttpacks) should’ve been part of your pickup line

Sometimes the old ways seem to be more civil :wink:


I’ve recently noticed that lots of guys wearing those everywhere around here. Is it recent?

Many tourists wear those to avoid being targeted by pickpockets.

They’ve been back in style for a while. But is it really a “fanny” pack if you’re not wearing it on your waist? Most people wear it crossbody now.

Excuse me, that’s my belly! Also, I’m from the US of A.