Eva Air carry on weight


There are definitely some people who are taking the piss, bringing on suitcases so vast that there’s NO WAY they weigh less than 7kg. Some of them get stopped at the door of the plane and relieved of their luggage (which gets sent for check-in), so why they don’t just deal with it at the desk is a bit of a mystery.

This one varies by nationality. It still makes me laugh when I go to the Philippines and the Filipinos are all diving for the luggage lockers while the “please stay in your seats” announcement plays over the mayhem. They don’t seem to realise they can’t get off the plane until the plane stops and the door opens. I suspect they’re just suffering from Facebook withdrawal and want to log on ASAP.


It’s pretty easy to hide your carry-on (leave it with someone etc) when you’re at the check-in counter. I assume a lot of people think they’re being crafty by doing that.


EVA in my opinion is pretty strict when it come sto carry on luggage. they even put a tag on it, to tell gate it has been approved. No tag…mmm.


I noticed that leaving Taipei and returning to Taipei on Eva from other airports, sometimes and some places they check and sometimes they don’t. There is no exact standard.

Better just be prepared.


KLM does the same.


This is excellent advice in many situations (except when you need to be spontaneous).


An update, for future reference:

From Taiwan to Indonesia no one checked the weight of my carry on backpack

In Jakarta they asked me to weight the backpack (fuuu); it was 9kg, so 2kg above their limit (FUUUUU) -> they didn’t care and just let me go


Surprised they didn’t ask for a bribe at that point. They were probably intimidated by your scary appearance.


Ironically, AC has (or had) one of the most generous carry-on allowances: iirc 10kg bag + 7kg “personal item”. :slight_smile:


EVA air Vancouver to Taipei. The last couple of years have weighed my check in every flight. The worst was being asked to take something out when the scale read 7,5kg.


Maybe the girl at the counter was hitting on me in a subtle airline-meta way…Damn it, missed opportunity.