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Oh how cute–EVA’s come up with new fun meals for kids flying in business and first class. That’s exactly what we need–more screaming kids in the premium sections! What a bonus for people who are paying double to triple for their airline tickets!

evaair.com/html/b2c/english/ … _beverage/

I also noticed it seems they are calling their meals “Bugs Bunny” and “Superman”. How long do you think it will be before our flying global ambassador for IP Protection is forced to change the names of those meals to “Fun Bunny” and “Superkids”?

Now … who wrote this Engrish/Chinglish …? It’s really up to level for kids in first and business class …

[quote]Kawai Internet Exclusive Meal for Happy Kid

EVA Airways will be very glad to introduce two kinds of Kawai Internet Exclusive Meal for Happy Kid, “Bugs Bunny Nutrient Rice Ball” and “Hamburg Steak Superman Meal”elaborated by our chef for the child guest in the Super First, Super Business or Laurel class from July 16, 2007.

Bugs Bunny Nutrient Rice Ball
It is made by our chef from tricolor rice ball with bean curd puff, delicious and nutrient egg and golden fried chicken highly welcomed by children.
Hamburg Steak Superman Mea
It is made from juicy Hamburg Steak, laver egg roll, chicken sausage and creamy spaghetti. These meals all are in token of vitality and health of children.

These two lovely styles of Kawai Internet Exclusive Meal for Happy Kid will be able to increase jovial enjoyment with your child during the vacation. Anyway, please hurry to select your favorite meal through our website: evaair.com to allow the child to personally experience the surprising journey.[/quote]

So, what’s a hamburg steak? Are rice balls nutrient? … and what the heck is a laver egg roll?

Wow … high tech food, nano technology noodles … :slight_smile:

Seasonal sauces? Is there such a thing as seasonal Japanese sauces?

[quote]Hello Kitty Cherry Blossom Chilled Soba Noodle
The romantic combination of Hello Kitty design and Sakura noodles with flavorful Japanese sauces. It is available for economy class passengers traveling on the Hello Kitty Jet BR871 from Taipei to Hong Kong.[/quote]

It’s clearly not enough that they’ve a huge Hello Kitty painted on the fuselage …

Well they certainly are light years ahead of Air Canada. Food on flights of 5 hours or less must be purchased and consists of massive over priced sandwiches. If you push they offer you sugar cereal and cookies for purchase (for dinner). Just what I want for my kids on a long flight - lots of sugar.

Flying to Calgary recently beer was $10 with free peanuts if you bought a sandwich. I was lucky to be sitting beside ‘the happy drunk’ who ordered 7 - yippee.