Evening Chinese classes

I’ve spent a year trying different methods of studying (tutors, self study, etc) and finally decided to just go to a language school in Taipei. (Still can’t believe there is nothing in Taoyuan??)

Anyway, I am looking for some advice as to where to go. I can only make it to Taipei for 7pm classes and not really sure what my options are.

So far I’ve found

Mandarin Daily News (which I’ve seen has mixed reviews on here)

Pioneer Language Institute (which sounds very similar)

If anyone has experience of these or can reccomend another I’d appreciate it.

My level is still pretty much beginner, although I know phonetics and am at chapter 10 in the Practical Audio Visual book 1. Do you think I should start with an absolute beginner class or will there be anything my level available?

I’m in England at the minute so can’t really do much til I get back but would appreciate the advice.

There are several places teaching Chinese to foreigners, and they all have evening classes. I went to Pioneer/ATCSL for six months last year (advanced class), and was quite pleased with it.

If you are coming in from Taoyuan by train, perhaps Perfect/CLD would be the best choice, as it is near Taibei Main Station. The Flag/CLI is also in that area and, contrary to popular belief, they do actually teach Chinese there. You can find their web address in their newspaper ads.

There are several other threads with details and reviews of Chinese language schools. Please browse older threads to find them, or click here

It is interesting to know that there is no such school in Taoyuan. Given that there seems to be quite a lot of foreigners there, and in Xinzhu, the existing schools really should consider opening a branch there.