who is going tmmrw (err tonite) to the oriented happy hour??

also! i guess theres that big international festival in some park near a river 2 hours away on saturday. i was invited but i want more info! anyone care to let me in on what the deal is! anyone going to that?

I think I’ll drop by. Gonna buy me a drink?

If the festival’s the one in Ilan, better catch a very early train and forget about getting there by car in less than three hours.

Hope you’re WELL into “people mountain, people sea.” That place will be choked to the gunwales with screaming kids, screaming adults, squid-on-a-stick vendors and all the other delights that make Taiwan such a tourist haven!

If you’re thinking about jumping into any of the “water features,” remember Frank Zappa’s admonition – “Watch out where the huskies go…”

Oh, and don’t wear your cute new Vans – they’ll get ruined.

yup…its the thing in ilan. i dunno, i dont really like little kids or anything but i think itll be nice to maybe meet some new people?

and i never found my damn vans. i found the converse store. and some random skate shops. none of which had vans of any kind. so ill keep looking for those. ill be sure to just wear my old jack purcells.