Ever worked for a wanker bushiban?

not sure if i’m taking “wanker” in its proper Taiwan expat usage (somebody correct me out there), but i’m talking about those," i just got off the plane, full of druggie teachers that all the girls somehow flip over because their so ‘foriegn’, illegal, low paying, no license, boss looks like he’s a triad and is bushibans".

i worked for one for 9 months, ashamed to say.

They’re all wankers, legal or not.


Why Ran? Surley you are a legal resident and can smell a turd from a flower.

There’s no point in putting yourself through this stress.

If I was stupid enough to do this I wouldn’t admit it Ran :blush:

Throw yourself into your art - music, teach to make money and clear out your head. You’ve go too much rubbish in there.



don’t worry, limey! it was a long time ago.(’:lol:’) I was FOB and needed the money. at the time, i was at an MTV producer’s office (it was my base for going to vist the record companies all up and down guang fu north road). she didn’t do half of what she promised me, so i got pissed at her, walked down the street and got some sushi. bushiban was starring me in the face. felt destiny calling and sure enough i got the job. of course they tried to pretend that they could be choosey with teachers and i was fortunate. after i started work, i realized hell, even druggie wankers could get a job there. all they talked about was fucking and where to buy pot. in a country with like a DEATH PENALTY for that stuff! sheesh!

Haven’t had that problem myself. But I did go through Nazi training for a month at one of the schools.

Ah, memories. Been there.

will you stop talking about us, please. It’s just not polite.

They have buxibans that teach masturbation?

well, these guys certainly didn’t need it. they were like picking up every night at wherever. i however, was not very successful with women my first year here, and wanked often.(’:boo-hoo:’)(’:wanker:’)(’:lol:’)

No wonder we can’t drink the water here… :wink:

Geez ran! Some of us know you IRL…I’m blushing for you. :blush:

how did you know i was a shower wanker?!!(’:lol:’)

by the way, can somebody tell me how to make my emoticons stop saying “(javascript;emoticons:wanker).” i have to delete that everytime and the parenthesis are still around my emoticon.

Good night, I’m off to take a shower in Ranny’s spunk… :stuck_out_tongue: