Sounds crazy. I can’t believe it hasn’t been done on Wuling yet. Almost three times up. I’ve heard about two times in one day.

The concept of Everesting is fiendishly simple: Pick any hill, anywhere in the world and complete repeats of it in a single activity until you climb 8,848m – the equivalent height of Mt Everest. Complete the challenge on a bike, on foot, or online, and you’ll find your name in the Hall of Fame, alongside the best climbers in the world.

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Lol. Phil Gaimon smashed the record a couple of weeks ago, only to have it taken off him a few days later …

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And in 2017, Bryce Benat did it first in Taiwan going up to He Huan Shan from Hualien two and a half times…

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Oh, so it HAS been done in Taiwan!

I’ve heard of people Wu Linging on Xiwan Road. 5 times up in one day to prepare for the mountain.

I dunno, sounds like there’s a lot of math involved. Think I’m gonna pass. :slight_smile:


The things that Bryce does…he’s just not human.

Hells 500, the organisation behind the Everesting challenge and which adjudicates all attempts, said on Facebook: “One thing we never anticipated when creating this challenge for our crew was that it would one day be raced by riders at the top level of the sport. In fact, ironically, this challenge was set up as the antithesis of racing! That said, we appreciate and respect that whilst completion is the driving factor for the vast majority of participants, the appeal of setting new records for Everesting has clearly taken hold – and so we’ll need to adapt to that.

If you’ve ever watched any of the Rapha films on their YouTube channel, you’ll know that hell probably go do it again next week and smash his own record.

Just another weekend juant…


These guys are crazy. How many days between these two attempts? Anyway, great respect. Wishing this to remain an amateur affair is like wishing the Olympics to remain an amateur sporting event.

I think it was a little less than a week… here’s some technical analysis of his first attempt I think is interesting…

It notes he decided to do it on a whim after 5 and 6hr training days…:persevere:


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Can easily say that both men’s and women’s Everesting records may not be broken again.

Both man and woman record holders are climbing beasts.

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I do see Phil Gaimon having another go. Maybe he won;t release video of it unless he succeeds…

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I see the venue as possibly coming into play for anybody who might break the record next. There must be an ideal road this can be performed on. Maybe it’s even right here in Taiwan! What hill is basically straight up with some decent elevation? Or at least has such a big segment? Xiwan Road?

Yeah, he’ll try. He has invested a lot into this event.

I think this will definitely be broken, for both the men and women, at some point. So far it seems these folks are giving some consideration to all the variables, but mostly just going out and doing it with little preparation or training specific to it. There’s a lot left to do in terms of figuring out other variables mentioned above like ideal gradient (likely depends on the rider), need a straight, smooth road that one can descend at crazy speeds, shaded/out of the heat, etc.

Also, no doping controls so that’s bound to happen at some point.

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Well, the pros would get regular doping controls because they are pros, you’d think. And most other mortals couldn’t touch them, so that’s a bit of safety.

Do Phil’s cookies count as doping?

Doping for something that gets you nothing but glory?

Sounds about right.

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Yup, probably little reason to doubt current pros, but retired pros or pros who sit at the lower parts of the ladder…I’d not be too surprised at that happening at some point. Or, if some CA masters guy suddenly comes out of nowhere (or something like that), I’d raise eyebrows and then not be surprised.

I think the best thing is for some current WT pro to go out and smash it, but I’d trust Phil and his cookies too.

A friend of mine was a big fan of Lance Armstrong back in the day. That didn’t end well…