Evernote has very recently updated their app for iOS. Big news, big announcements, etc.

Anyone having problems?

My Evernote is going a bit crazy, with one of my notes being continuously duplicated. Obviously due to very recent iOS update. But then the duplicated note gets sync to other non-iOS devices. I’ve already deleted the extra copies of the note about 10 times. And for security, I made a copy ot the note and put it into another app.

It’s also very slow to pull up any notes. Waiting…

Unfortunately, it’s very inconvenient to copy/migrate/export entire Evernote into other applications.

Well played, Evernote.

But it’s free, so :runaway:

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Haven’t used Evernote in nearly a decade. I blame google. I’m not sure where my data is safer. Probably on paper in a fireproof vault…

The copy from another app/paste is mucked up. Before, you could copy from another app, and then paste a text/etc. Now it just takes the format from the previous location, instead of giving option to change to format of current Evernote note. WTF.

What do you use? And why blame Google?

You can probably write them on papyrus and put them in a cave and will be safe until some shepherd boy stumbles upon them 2000 years later

Why not just use the notes app on your phone and sync it with Google?

Wtf? You use an antediluvian metaphor and then refer to an outcome 2000 years in the future. Did you watch Tenet last night?

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Everyone else was using google drive and I had to work with them so I slowly stopped using Evernote for the sake of collaboration.

Papayrus might be workable…

I have 1200 notes. No tool exists to bulk transfer Evernote to Google Notes. Have to copy/paste one by one by one by one by one by one by one by one by one by one… over 1200 times in my case.


How about Evernote?

I prefer to use Google Notes.

Evernote is trying to screw me, really screwing themselves because I’m leaving, since the recent iOS update. They keep making 20 or 30 or 40 copies of one note and uploading it and then I get this message. I have never received this message.

Already deleted all instances of the note and all the copies and then it picks a different note and starts doing it.

Two other problems with transferring from Evernote to Google Keep notes (or Docs or MSWord).

  1. Google Keep notes max note size is too small. Data is completely truncated/lost if too large for Google Keep.
  2. Notes transferred from Evernote lose the formatting when going to Google Keep or MSWord.

Managed to migrate 62 of 1200 notes over the last 2 days :clown_face:

Evernote will become an archive for me.