Every 711 is offline

The clerks at @Marco 's 7-11s…

EDIT: Ha ha, I never noticed @KongTaigi 's icon :rofl:


First disable the 711s. Then the Family Marts . . .


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Strange, the one I went to at 9:00 PM didn’t have any issues.

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Well the most important one, the market (traditional market) will be there, some in Kao even have cafes with coffee and milk tea. (and 24H dumplings near me)

Oh well. Went to Hilife instead.

Brings a whole new meaning, piece of…


It means Point of Sale. Basically the cash register, except it’s a computer that logs the sale, and it goes into a system where everything is tracked so they know what sells the best and all that, and can order items based on that.

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I know what you meant, i was making a joke based on the fact that it had another meaning. The POS POS wasnt working.


I guess they did a Windows update that threw off their POS at 7-11 HQ IT.
My update overheated my computer I was told as I turned it on and got the BIOS page instead of Win.

updating to win 3.11… provably they lost one of the disks

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