Every forumosan

… I ever met has a beef with this site.
Why is that?

(except JD Smith)

I don’t.

But then I am a vegetarian.

Hope that helps.

Night night.

I don’t eat rats. I only shoot them.
I still eat vegetarian once a weak or so.
We’re all O.K.

I think it’s a great site. I just wish my new job and my wife allowed me to spend more time here.

Unlike real life, in an online chatroom one is more likely to engage in repeated and protracted discussions with people with whom one disagrees or even dislikes – in real life one would avoid such people – which forces one to either learn to get along with those people or get frustrated, annoyed, infuriated, bitch and moan, blame the mods, sulk off and vow to never return, return and throw a fit again, and perhaps finally get banned only to bad mouth the site elsewhere. But that’s only a reflection of the individual’s poor coping skills. Most of us are more mature than that.

[quote=“TomHill”]… I ever met has a beef with this site.
Why is that?[/quote]

Can’t be everything to everyone.