Everyone's thoughts on The China Post

We always bash The Taipei Times, but how about its much bluer counterpart, the illustrious China Post?

Occasionally, The China Post publishes a really balanced and insightful editorial, but frequently, its editorials are worse rubbish than those found in the Taipei Times, at least in terms of the quality of the writing!

Check out this one from today. Can you find anything that remotely approaches a good argument?

Taiwan not on Bush agenda

President George W. Bush today starts a week-long trip to Japan, South Korea, China and Mongolia. He is scheduled to be in Beijing this weekend after attending the APEC leadership summit in Busan, Korea.
This will be Bush’s third official visit to China. Taipei is always apprehensive whenever a top U.S. official, especially the president, goes there. But this time Taiwan has receded from a hot issue to a background issue of U.S.-China relations because the momentum in Taiwan towards independence has stalled, thanks to U.S. intervention and Beijing’s new tactics.

There is a general agreement in Washington that since Beijing passed an anti-secession law in March, condoning military force against Taiwan independence, there has been a reduction in cross-strait hostility. U.S. constraints on Taipei pursuing pro-independence initiatives that risk conflict with China will likely remain strong through to the end of President Chen Shui-bian’s term of office in 2008.

This relaxed status quo is cherished by all except the Chen administration, which seeks to break it. [/b]

I must admit, I don’t understand why everyone takes the piss out of the spelling & grammer mistakes in the TT when the China Post is much much worse in that respect.

If you ignore the editorials & letters in both papers, then I think the combination of the two papers gives you a fairly decent overview of Taiwan’s news.

Incidentally, that editorial was pretty prophetic wasn’t it:

Bush hasn’t even reached China yet, but:
Bush Urges China to Grant More Freedom, Cites Taiwan Democracy

I think the local news in China Post is much better…

I also think Tainan Cowboy is revealing his age when he says he prefers the comics in CP. Most of those comics are either re-runs of strips long gone, or drawn by a third generation colony of comic artist drones. At least they don’t have Family Circus.

Just “takin’ the piss” TCB. No malice intended.

Did anyone really expect the word “Taiwan” to escape mention?

Mentioning Taiwan isn’t the same thing as mentioning the Taiwan ISSUE. Mainland China and the United States aren’t at risk over a cross-strait conflict because of differing political systems. The flash-point is the question of sovereignty + cross-strait relations, and Bush reiterated his support for “One China” yet again while referring to Taiwan as a “Chinese” society. You’ll notice there’s no mention of self-determination, no mention of the future being decided by the Taiwanese people, no mention of Taiwan deserving more international space. THAT is the Taiwan issue, not whether Beijing should be opening up the “door to freedom”.

The issue of Taiwan has taken a back seat. Bush’s decision to mention these issuse outside of China (rather than, say, at a press conference after meeting Hu) is an indication that he’s trying to downplay the issue.

I assure you Bush and Hu will be talking about something during their meeting, and I assure you Bush will have a prepared list of talking points after said meeting. And once that happens, we can come back to this thread and measure the importance allocated to the issue of cross-strait relations (as opposed to trade, currency, North Korea, mainland political reforms, military exchanges).

The China post is CCP propaganda. Don’t believe their lies.

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Thanks for that. Best laugh I’ve had in days.


I think that’s going a bit far. It’s certainly more pro-Beijing than the Taipei Times, but that’s not very difficult.

Besides, if it was truly “CCP Propaganda” would it publish something like this:

[quote] Chiang Kai-shek made Taiwan a sovereign state


Practically no one in Taiwan pays homage to a man, born 117 years ago today who made it an independent, sovereign state. That man, Chiang Kai-shek, ruled Taiwan as president of the Republic of China for a quarter of a century until his death on April 5, 1975. We should remember him for what he did for all of us.
Detractors – there are many – never fail to point out Chiang was a warlord, a dictator, a despot, an undemocratic authoritarian, an autocrat, ad infinitum. He was, at one time or the other. But no one can deny that he was a man of great courage and probity, the two traits all presidents after him lack. His son and heir, Chiang Ching-kuo, was a man of integrity, but lacked the great courage the father had.

When Chiang Kai-shek made Taiwan the last retreat of his government towards the end of 1949, its outlook was desolate. The United States had written off his Republic of China as a bad bargain. Indeed, President Harry S. Truman extended a veiled invitation to Mao Zedong to take over Taiwan by declaring the United States would not do anything to stop an invasion from China. According to a Pentagon estimate, Taiwan could not be defended and would fall sooner, rather than later. As a matter of fact, Taiwan was so demoralized that the People’s Liberation Army could easily wash Taiwan with blood for the takeover. But Chiang Kai shek held firm. Neither his courage nor his confidence wavered for a moment.

Things turned around after Kim Il Sung unleashed his army against South Korea in the summer of 1950. Two days after the outbreak of the Korean War, on June 27, President Truman ordered the U.S. Seventh Fleet to prevent any attack on Taiwan. He said the determination of the future status of Taiwan must await the restoration of security in the Pacific, a peace settlement with Japan, or consideration by the United Nations. Taiwan was secure. On June 28, the Department of State announced the assignment to Taipei of a diplomatic representative with the rank of charge d’affaires to replace Ambassador John Leighton Stuart, who had been recalled from Nanjing in 1949. The U.S. mission in Nanjing had not followed the Chiang government to Taipei but had remained in Hong Kong.

With Chiang’s arrival in Taipei, Taiwan was given a new identity. The island, still a province, was now the Republic of China. With Taipei as its seat, his government of the Republic of China claimed to represent the whole of China. The country was a founding member of the United Nations and held a permanent seat in the Security Council. A few powers, including the Soviet Union and Great Britain, recognized Beijing, but a majority of nations continued to maintain diplomatic relations with Taipei. Inasmuch as international relations are concerned, Chiang’s move turned Taiwan into a new nation-state, albeit that nation-state has existed as the Republic of China since January 1, 1912. A peace treaty was signed in Taipei in 1952 to end the Sino-Japanese war. Taiwan was restored to the Republic of China. Its status was determined. If the treaty was not enough, uti possidetis – a principle in international law that a conclusion or treaty of peace between belligerents vests in them respectively as absolute property the territory under their actual control – confirmed that status.

That is President Chiang Kai-shek’s legacy to Taiwan. For him all the people of Taiwan should be grateful.

Don’t they still call him a “bandit” on the mainland?

It seems some people are extremely ungrateful of CKS.

He may be a fascist, he may have been a retarded general, but he did keep Taiwan away from the Reds and gave our country a seat in the UN until they took it from us

[quote=“BlueGreen”]It seems some people are extremely ungrateful of CKS.

He may be a fascist, he may have been a retarded general, but he did keep Taiwan away from the Reds and gave our country a seat in the UN until they took it from us[/quote]

It was FDR, not CKS, who gave the ROC a permanent seat on the UN Security Council because he had a special place in his heart for the Chinese. Everyone else thought he was sort of nuts to give such a poor, backward country headed by a corrupt, inept general such a high position.

Yeah, polio is a horrible disease.

Mister “Xianggangduli”, “Hong Kongnese”, [hongkongnese?!!! :help: ]

Umbrella, cupcakes and bird flu back at you!

[quote=“4nr”]The KMT were the ones in fact that really made the biggest mistake by not keeping a seat in the UN when then had a chance. They did not get pushed out, it was their decision to leave (Gentlemen will not stand with thieves).

Only people that are new to the island and do not know any better are gullible enough to read/believe the crap they print.[/quote]

If your ‘facts’ show that (

OCC, i deleted the last post becuase i dont have time/interest to get into a pissing contest with anyone. You must have read it in the 1 minute it was posted. this is really all i have to say:

The ChinaPost newspaper lost its last remaining shreds of respect after its full support of the 319 incident, then a month or two later of its glowing report of how wonderful madame chiang was during her life (after her passing away). Yes, the regular news is ok in the CP (mainly CNA stuff), but the editorials are just KMT propaganda and soon to be CCP propaganda. The biggest joke is that it brags about being in business for over 50 plus years, but it looks the same as it did 15 years ago (and probably 50 years ago). Absolutely no progress. By the way, i was an everyday reader of the Post for many years.

Add this link for your reference: Chiang lost the ROC its UN Seat - This is a perfect example of why the ChinaPost is a rag. You would not get this type of information from that source.

[quote=“OutofChaos”]If your ‘facts’ show that (

[quote=“AndyO”]I think the local news in China Pots is much better…

I also think Tainan Cowboy is revealing his age when he says he prefers the comics in CP. Most of those comics are either re-runs of strips long gone, or drawn by a third generation colony of comic artist drones. At least they don’t have Family Circus.[/quote]

The comics in CP are certainly better than the absolute swill that “Leon” churns out week after week in Pots.

[quote=“AndyO”]Just “takin’ the piss” TCB. No malice intended.[/quote]AndyO -
Absolutely no malice taken. You are probably correct in your guess.

Now someone try to figure out why my post about the cartoons and articles in the China Post was friggin’ deleted from a thread titled “Everyone’s thoughts on The China Post…that in itself is a mystery.

Premature evacuation on some mods part?

It’s a pity that the scathing social commentary of Poohat just goes over some peoples’ heads…

Now I meant “China Post” not China POTS - I don’t believe there is a China Pots, unless we’re talking about Pots or Pots English…anyway…

We certainly welcome submissions from other more accomplished local cartoonists, Josefus. That is, if you’re willing to choke down the swill in the POTS English mess hall and sleep in those awful fiberboard dormitories that Dave keeps us all locked up in night after night.

Leon is a comedic genius!!!

“Leon” can’t spell and his grammar sucks, not sure if that’s a reflection of him or his editors. Or maybe that’s just his “scathing social commentary.”

Maybe you think cut and paste robots, mongaloids and Chuck Connors are somehow the stuff of comedic geniuses, but erm…well… I suppose to each their own.