Everything becomes more expensive except salary

So will it get to a time when average salary will still be around 20k-30k and while a simple meal will cost over 1000 nt? Wonder how will it be possible to even live?

Chicken rice has been available in a number of hole in the wall restaurants for 20NT for a few years. All the food I buy has stayed stagnant price-wise for years. $1000 for a meal! Some weeks I’m lucky to spend that much.

A simple meal - over NT$1000? Not bloody likely.

Well if you’re a local 18 year old on 20k and you eat at Capones for several nights we could understand why…

But that’s not likely to happen.

I kinda get the point the original poster is trying to make… not that I have really noticed it…

But does anyone have access to any data showing the trends in cost of living in Taiwan and the trends in the average salary?

Does Taiwan have a minimum wage?

I have just been back in NZ for a while and the cost of living in Taiwan could rise 100% and still be considered cheap compared to here…



OP’s point, with which I heartily agree if I’m reading it right, is that, by and large, such notions as “cost of living” raises are practically non-existent, esp. when one is employed by a local firm with a majority of local staff.
Irrespective of inflation.
In the 4 years that I’ve been employed in my present position, while (for here, anyway) I’m quite well-paid, not only has my company quadrupled in size and increased much more than that in terms of business, despite the fact that, to cite only two examples, petroleum has gone up in price by about 50%, and household propane has gone up even more, I am making exactly what I started at, including salary, benefits, and bonus.
So, in fact I’m making less.
And, since, first, there are no non-promotion-based raises for local staff, second, I can’t be promoted since I’m at the top of my branch of the corporate ladder, and third, management/partners pee themselves at the thought of potentially annoying the local staff by making “a special case” of the few foreign staff members, none of that is likely to change anytime soon.

Thats what I mean, if someone makes say 35,000 (probably what most people in the city (not working 7-11) out to be making) but say 30 years from now inflation is so out of control that a simple meal will cost 500 or so dollars, but the salary remains the same. So who gets all that money and why wont the locals ever ask for a raise if cost of living is getting more expensive? I know this year the government has raised their salary by 3% across the board, but I dont know about private industries… I just think if the government does this it might cause people to ask for a raise due to possible tax hike, and inflation and stuff. But seems to be some people are content with being screwed with…

$35k? ya rite, my gf is 28 and makes $33k with 4 yrs of experience in accounting and purchasing firms. Her co-workers at Ernst & Young and some non-related tech firms make similar amounts ( not engineering, but HR, marketing, account management, etc. etc.)

The pay here is ridiculously low compared to the yearly increases in the cost of living.

So are we going toward the standard of undeveloped nation in terms of salary vs cost of living? I mean to think in a developed country things wouldnt be so bad…