Everything broke while I was away (repairs)

I’m back in Taiwan on day 2 of my 3+4 street leaving for the summer. Coming back:

  • my chunghwa wifi modem doesn’t turn on
  • my main AC leaks and
  • my refrigerator isn’t refrigerating

I can’t do anything about these now, can I? I should just wait until Monday?

Any tips on this? I see general refrigerator repair places on Google and will call chunghwa.

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Does your AC cool? or it just leaks water? If it cools then I’d deal with the leak and wait.

Have you tried unplugging the fridge, and use a blow dryer in the vents inside the freezer compartment? It’s possible ice build up caused it to not refridgerate.


The AC has a pump attached that goes to the bathroom. It must be blocked and leaks like crazy. It works otherwise but leaks in the wall, which already had paint issues.

The fridge was unplugged for two months. Light turns on and it blows air out the back but no cooling happening.

It’s interesting , my refrigerator also did that too when I left for 2 months once, and I unplugged it. The repair guy said refrigerators apparently don’t like to be switched off and on too often.
Compressor was shot.

How much was the repair? I thought I was doing a good thing totally cleaning it out. It’s 13 years old so I’m also wondering if I should upgrade.

Does your fridge make any sound at all when you plug it in/turn it on? Is the compressor even running?

Unplug and clean the tube and nozzle coming out of the AC. It’s leaking like that because the nozzle is blocked. You’ll have to remove the front panel.


Replacing a compressor is about 3-5000 NT$

In the end the technician said it wasn’t worth it to repair so my landlord got me a new one.

This is helpful to hear. I think it’s probably the compressor on mine but we may just try to get a new fridge. I think in theory I could find one a tiny bit larger.

AC spontaneously stopped leaking. I also called Chunghwa and within an hour they’d passed in a new router and had me going again. Taking the wins (2/3) and hoping for a calm August…

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What brand is the fridge? Usually you call the company tech accordingly.

It’s a sanyo. If anyone can help me chase down a contact for them in Taiwan or recommend a fridge repair person in Taipei I’d be super grateful. I found their main website but nothing on repairs.

Found a bunch of repair stations. Depends on location.



SANLUX台灣三洋 for online report/service

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About the AC leaking, your AC may need cleaning. Most AC repair guys will be able to do this. They will be able to fix the fridge or offer replacements if necessary. It’s going to depend on where you live however as these tends to be very local. Don’t bother calling Sanyo unless it’s still under warranty.

Surprisingly the AC started working again. I am not sure what happened. I’d had AC cleaned in June and we added a new unit. This unit may just have needed a day or two of use to unclog. Anyway, that’s good.

The fridge is tougher. Ours is 520l and 70cm wide and I’m not sure I can get anything bigger through our door (which is 74 cm wide). If someone could fix it for 3-5000 that might be worth it to us. I’m going to look at 燦坤 more today and also call repair places in the morning. The only larger fridges that would fit seem to be Japanese models (Hitachi, Panasonic) and they’re about 2x the price.

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I recommend https://ec.elifemall.com.tw/ or mom and pop stores rather than the yellow monster. But depends on where you live.

Or Costco, which has better service/guarantee.

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