EWCP Presents: Tim Budden Paper Cutting Workshop

Butterfly Workshop

Tim is an established artist who uses paper cutting as his medium. This workshop will introduce one of the themes in Tim’s paper cutting, the butterfly. Participants will learn and practice paper cutting techniques with the aim of producing a personalized paper cut butterfly. A paper cut that says something about the person who made it

The workshop will be held at the Watermoon Teahouse, a lovely place to drink Chinese tea the traditional way. The teahouse is tastefully furnished with antiques in a style reminiscent of pre-war Shanghai.

Watermoon Teahouse. FuXing South Rd, Section 2, Alley 180, #2, 1st fl. (5 mins from Technology Building MRT)


Sunday, March 24, 1pm to 3:30pm, $500 (includes Chinese tea and snacks)

Please register at:
docs.google.com/spreadsheet/vie … E6MQ#gid=0

(First-timers are required to fill out the registration form. No advanced payment necessary)

Please contact Debbie at debbie@eastwestcultureproject.org if you have any questions.

Tim Budden Bio

As an established artist based in Taiwan, Tim has exhibited regularly both locally and abroad. His most recent one man show was at the Suho Paper Museum in Taipei in 2012. In 2011 he was one of eight international paper cutting artists invited to exhibit at the ‘Kirie Paper cutting of the World’ exhibition at the Fujikawa Museum in Japan. His work has received plenty of media attention.

Selected pics, for more type “Tim Budden art” in facebook. and timbudden.blogspot.tw/