Ex-wife changed child custody

Strange thing is, they are not identical. Actually, quite different in design. But both are for me… I don’t understand either

OK, I thought you meant copies. Sure, people often have a number of different chops. I didn’t know they even ever asked for a chop at the household registration, actually.

The whole chop thing is ridiculous imho. Keep your chops at a secret and secure place. I’d recommend destroying and surplus chops. This just helps in case of the bank. It will not protect against forged chops, if you can speak of forged here anyways.
I’m happy for you that it turned out this well for you and wish you all the best and patience of a Tibetan monk for the future.

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Glad it got solved, but if the ex-wife can pull a stunt like that (and another like “ok let’s get back to 100% to you” signing herself 100% of the custody) I’d be extremely weary of the next trick she could pull. You take care.


They sometimes do. My Brother in Law lives in Singapore and my wife had to to som admin stuff for him. He brought his chop to SG. My wife was told she needed the chop so after a short convo with her brother, she left the office, went to the chop shop across the road, got a chop with his name made in a few minutes, went back into the building and did all the admin work with the freshly cut chop.


Good person of the internet, it is the very reason why we are divorced today. Kicker is, she told me when she was angry that she changed it. I would have never known. She’s so stupid, thankfully.



Chops can be made in 5 min in any shop. I don’t see how it is accepted as some form of ID confirmation here, unfortunately. I used to always forget to bring my chop to have something done so I made at least a half dozens of these. Go out get it done and be back in 10 min with the new one, and the establishment still accepted the new one was a confirmation. I don’t even thing they check if it is the same like normally we do with a signature. As long as there is that red square/circle stamped there with whatever design it is ok. This is so archaic unless they had a database and each person could only have one or get it done at a government facility.


They don’t check signatures either. When I ask my wife to do something, I just scribble my name on a white piece of paper and she writes in Chinese that I agree that my wife can help.

Not saying this has ever happened, but even if I one day forgot to scribble my name, I’m sure she could just do it for me.

If she did do that, she should be careful not to use her signature by mistake.

Like I say, never happened. I promise.

I’m actually surprised they even asked whether she had your permission. My own experience is this: My son is on my ex-wife’s household registration, but we ticked “shared custody” on the divorce form. As a (now) single foreigner, I don’t have a household registration at all. A couple years back I went to the HRO for a copy of the registration as part of my son’s UK passport application. This turned out to be a complicated request: Without my ex-wife’s consent, they couldn’t give me a normal copy of it, because of privacy laws. Instead they had to manually craft a sort of censored document which confirmed he was my son, but had no personal information about his mother.

That got me thinking a bit, and I asked them whether in theory my ex could just change her household registration to some other address without my knowledge. They said yes, it’s her registration, she can do what she likes, and no, we wouldn’t be able to tell you where it had been changed to. She could register him in some other city, put him in school there, remove him from my life entirely. My only recourse would be through the court system, which could easily take 3-5 years before I could find out where he was.

Fortunately, all the above is purely hypothetical: My ex and I have an amicable relationship and we both want to make sure our kid gets plenty of time with each of us. Still, it’s a bit worrying.

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