I started dating this guy on May 12th and I found out on May 22nd that he was cuffed with a girl for 3 years but I didn’t know before until the day his girlfriend texted me…. The day I found out I was shocked, disappointed, and a tiny bit mad but I didn’t feel sad until the following day. I can’t get him off my mind, I feel torn, angry, disappointed, and I’ve cried a few times today… Why am I crying over somebody that I only dated for a week and four days?

do you live with your parents?

It’s part of your emotional defense mechanism. It’ll help you get him out of your system faster.


Because you realized your relationship was based on a lie.
You need time to heal.
Don’t date anybody else for a while.
Hang out with your friends and focus on other things like your hobbies.
Take care and best wishes.


@the_bear prescribes a bottle of Vodka.

Co-ed chain gangs is pretty progressive.

I think you’ve just solved the low birth rate problem.

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Also, someone who wasn’t honest with you and who cheats on his GF. You think he’ll be faithful to you?

Looks like you dodged a bullet, hope you thanked her :man_shrugging:


You’ve gone from being hopeful for this new relationship to disappointed. They’ve let you down. Time is irrelevant here. Your feelings aren’t irrational

This. You got lucky, girl! :grin:


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Could be worse. You could be the girl that sent the text.

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