Excellent site for guitarists & DIY musicians

Learned about this site the other day:

There’s much for guitarists to enjoy but there’s also a lot of general music discussion and info as well.

The original recordings forum is fantastic if you want your music heard and critiqued by fellow musicians:

The FAQ under original recordings also has great info for beginners on how to make your own recordings, what software to use, etc.

The Guitar TABS section is pretty good:

Can anyone recommend any similar sites?

Cool links! Thanks Red 23.

On the subject of DIY, for anyone that’s bored and wants to make their own electric guitar with hardly any tools, check out: http://uk.geocities.com/s_g_morrow/ and click on the “guitar” link.

I enjoyed the guitar construction section–great idea to photograph the process, will check the rest of the site later

Who the hell is that Stu Morrow character? He has lovely legs.