EXCHANGE EW magazine from Barnes and Noble for Taiwan goods/services


To any and all Forumosans that are US dwellers, new arrivals, Taiwanese residents abroad, ni hao!

As you guys and gals may know, I am a big fan of Supernatural, a TV series. Currently EW has a collectible 4 cover issue and I want to get my paws on it.

If you live close to a Barnes and Noble, exclusive sellers of this tresure, and would not mind getting it for me, I in return will deliver by Taiwan Post any item of similar value or provide any interpretation service you may require in Taiwan. This last could be very helpful to new arrivals who may need those for rental/banking/cellphone negotiations.

Sample images attached:

Muchas gracias


Icon setup a GoFundMe page for ‘Supernaturals meet the stars trip’ and I will spot you 10 USD.

It has to be something catch…‘Help Icon meet her Icons’…Asia’s biggest Supernaturals fan…

I’m sure somebody can pick up a couple of mags for you.


Thank you so much. Much appreciative of your support.

Come on guys! I can treat you to a great meal here. I can show you around best shoopping spots. I can help you find a nice place to live. I can buy you some mouth watering snacks and ship them abroad!