Exchange students seeks possibilty for family stay in Taibei

Dear readers:

I am a german exchange student studying at Tamkang University and I’m searching for a family in Tabei where I could stay for several months (or even up to one year)

Does anyone of you know a family who might be interested in lodging a “young” foreigner in exchange for for money or language classes?

Many thanks for your help


check out this link:

good luck!

Thank you for helping me, enatai :slight_smile:

I just forgot to add that personally I would prefer staying at a chinese family in order to exercise and practice Mandarin. My level is (I guess) intermediate (2,5 years of study) why I should at least master daily conversation…


Pm Me. My Taiwanese wife and I have a very confortablr room and I would not mind having a border. You need to meet with us to make sure we all are compatible. Just Pm and lets see if we can put it together. Alan and LiHua

He Alan, thanks for your reply. Please watch your PM box… :slight_smile: