Exchanging an International Driver's License for a Taiwanese


I heard through the grapevine awhile ago that if you had an international driver’s license you could swap it for a local one.

Is this true? If so how long is it valid for?

TIA for any assistance.



I don’t think so… you need a full driver’s license from another country and even at that some countries licenses are not transferable…USA Canada for example…
I should have got my lincense in Uzbekistan…then I could transfer it.
Maybe you have to do the test in Taiwan… you know …the test that actually represents the real driving environment…whereby you drive around a course…and answer questions about the legal time limit for blowing your horn


It is a crock of **** . You can exchange a Cambodian license but not a Canadian or US. As if the driving skill in Cambodia is so great that it surpasses Taiwanese driving skill (In 1996 Taiwan had the highest traffic death rate in the world per capita). The test is a farce but if you take a driving course with a private company you basically pass because you pay!! As long as the system is a it is Taiwanese will continue to not only drive terribly but also kill at an alrming rate. But hey no biggie if you kill someone you aren’t really responsable just pay some money and kill again.


Yes, you can obtain a local driver’s license if you have a valid US license, but it depends on which state the license is from. You need to go to the DMV, get a form to take to a local health center for a health check-up, and get a stamp. Take this card back to the DMV with your valid US driver’s license, two photos and they’ll swap you with a local driver’s license. Unless you have some terrible record they normally do not ask you to take a driving test.

But you will not get your US license back in the process so make sure you report your driver’s license lost when you go back to the US.

Hope this helps.


Does anyone have a list of the countries that can have licenses changed to a Taiwanese license
Or do you know wher you can find out??