Exchanging currency

Where’s the best place (places) to change money (NT to US)? I’ll be leaving Taiwan soon, and would like to get a good exchange rate when I change my money over. I’ve heard that banks are better than the money exchange counters in the airport. Can any bank do this, or do I need to go to a main branch in downtown Taipei? Do I need to have an account at the bank?–because I only have one of those postal accounts. Thanks!

Not all banks can change money. Those that can will have a sign posted outside indicating they are authorized to conduct foreign exchange. These banks are not limited to the airport and downtown area but are most highly concentrated there.

You don’t need an account to change money, but you should bring your passport.

I don’t know which places have the best rates.

As Cranky says not all banks can exchange foreign currency. As to the rates then you dp need to shop around, the rates will also vary depending on the sum being exchanged. It is possible for sums more than just a few thousand US to negotiate special deals and rates.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the info. I’ll look around/ask around and see what I can find. I don’t want to embark on a time-intensive hunt for the best rates in the city, but if it’s pretty certain that I can get a better rate at a bank than at the airport counters, then I’ll find a bank to do it. Thanks again.