Excited! GF is coming to US! Need help with ticket costs!

My GF decided to come to my family reunion at the end of February. I totally wasn

There are a few options. One is to go to the airline’s website. Most of them are now hiking fees for taking a path other than their site. NWA tends to be a much better bet than Continental or some others for that (and they do have a Taiwan site in English (Look at “Global Sites” in the upper right corner of the main page)).

EZTravel is another option. I have had better luck with them on domestic trips than international, though. You could also talk to a local travel agent (If you want, I could ask how to get in contact with ours). I have had better experience with them than the other online Taiwanese agents, though.

PDX is Portland, right? You may find a cheaper rate flying into Sea-Tac and taking the train or some other transportation down. If you take the train, you will have to use a US card with a US address (the system is a little weird). There are more options as the Taiwan carriers go there.

Im pretty sure that the lowest prices to be had from CHina air or EVA is directly buying and booking from their websites.

The best way is to get her to call agents in Taiwan.


You might want to look here for good travel agents…
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopic.ph … &start=100
(Some of the early stuff might be out of date, but the recent stuff should be ok).

[quote=“derek1978”]All I can find on US based search engines is $1100 US base price. Way out of budget. Prices are much less expensive taking the reverse flight

Yes, I used to do that too. Much cheaper.

Just remember: friends don’t let friends fly China Airlines. :noway:

Why does she want you to buy the ticket in the US where only published and not discounted fares would be available? Anyway, maybe she’s never travelled B4 or something. (See that use of “B4” there, eh? That’s what all the kids are doing nowadays. Tell you, I’m right bang up to date with that shit. Saves loads of time. Well, obviously writing about it afterwards doesn’t, but anyway…) There is a thread here on the forum somewhere called “Good Travel Agents”. Pick a few numbers off that and send them to your g/f.

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I don’t know about your specific situation, but a great site for the lowest rates on airfare, hotels, rental cars, etc is www.kayak.com

that right? have to check it out next time.