Excluding ebay results from ruten

Here is a tip for those of you searching for stuff on Ruten and it basically fills a vast majority of the results with stuff from ebay.com (because ruten is basically Taiwan’s version of ebay).

In this image just check this box (it says “include ruten items” in Chinese) and all the ebay results will be gone. This is the side bar located on the left side of the result.

This will make your life so much easier because you’re not looking at a bunch of ebay results but you just want to buy it in Taiwan.

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I have been filtering out the ebay results for a while. But only clicking the 7-11 option as I usually get things delivered to a 7-11. Your suggestion gets more results.
The ebay results are a PITA. I wonder what percentage of sales are from ebay?

No idea, but clicking on 7-11 would only be useful for items that are small enough for 7-11 delivery (many are not, like say large items).

But 7-11 don’t seem to care about hazardous items as long as it weights under 5kg… like paint, PU, etc. are all delivered through them. I bet people even send firework through them too.

Man, you just solved a huge problem for me. Like Cake said I was just checking off the 7-11 and family mart ones. Thanks.