Execution- Taiwan Style


What is the prefered method of execution in Taiwan used for criminals employed by the Taiwan authorities?

I heard, don’t know if it is true, that they usually tie the bad guy on a table, stick a gun in their back and put a bullet through the their heart


Not quite sure it is done like that…

In fact I would doubt it, as it is used to be the case that the organs of executed criminals were used in transplant operations. Why would you do damage to a heart or other vital organ etc…?

This was quite a hot topic in medical circles during the early 90’s as it was seen as ‘organ harvesting’ and so international medical professionals were reluctant to train Taiwanese transplant surgeons overseas.

But I digress. I doubt it would be a bullet through the back.

Weird topic.


Executions here are by a bullet in the heart. The victim is forced to lie face-down in a sandpit and that’s all she wrote.

As for criminals employed by the Taiwan authorities? They don’t get executed. They get appointed to even higher positions until they retire at age 85, whereupon they get made chairman of the National Association of Do-nothing Waste of Time Ex-government Employees until they die.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.


My understanding, and you might refer to Hartzell on this, is that if the person to be executed has not agreed to donate his organs, a medical person makes marks in black ink on the back of the condemned to show where the gun should be fired. He is make to lay face down on a mattress-like affair and is then shot.
I heard years ago of an execution that took five shots to kill the guy.
Chen Hsin-Hsing (sp?), Taiwan’s most-wanted fugitive, was shot in the head because he had agreed to donate his organs, if memory serves.
The state, however, does not send the family a bill for the bullet…


Geez, you mean nobody wanted his eyes? Or his face?

Wouldn’t that be a conversation starter: “Funny you should mention that I look like Chen Jinxing…there’s actually an interesting story behind that…”