Executive Yuan issues draft of Anti-Discrimination Act

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The point is each nationality comes with it’s own baggage. Say Americans with worldwide reporting of income and taxes and stuff, international/American/European sanctioned countries and many other things. Do you expect they put systems in place for every single service, program and promotion to make sure they comply with every rule set by any arbitrary country regarding their own nationals and teach it to all employees because there might be say a random North Korean dude that wants to use said services? There needs to be a reasonable criteria.

We do that with my company and every reputable FI and/or service provider does that to. And believe, it’s not rocket science. Just a process. Once designed and periodically reviewed, it goes by itself


Yes we can. Service providers in Canada and the UK have zero problems providing service to everyone equally.

What’s the big problem? Identification? Everyone has a passport (standardized document) and an A(P)RC (issued by ROC government). Most residents also have an NHI card and many have driving licenses.

Is the problem about taxes? Well it’s the ROC tax bureau who decides who’s a tax resident in Taiwan.

Is it about reporting income to foreign countries? Well shouldn’t Taiwanese also have these obligations when they have tax residences in other countries?

Is it about weird laws in other countries? Well Taiwan doesn’t have to follow laws of other countries, only the treaties they have signed. Which again should apply equally to both nationals and foreign residents.

Seriously, there is zero legitimate reason why services should only be available to nationals except in very specific and limited circumstances.


I don’t think anyone suggesting that? Where is this sentiment even coming from?

Banks being forced not to discriminate doesn’t mean they lose their commercial freedom.

Banks must make their services available to everyone equally. They obviously still have the right to assess based on qualifications and refuse individual applications based on financial circumstances. This is about the fact that they broadly refuse service to all foreigners as a matter of policy, or put up significant barriers to service such that it is very difficult to obtain relative to nationals.


I know for a fact they don’t and it’s perfectly legal AFAIK. For example everyone follows American sanctions because they want American business. Or many banks across the Western world deny services to Americans as they fear the IRS. The examples are easy to find just Google it.

The first public hearing session is live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9RS3a8Wpj8

Links to upcoming ones here: 行政院人權及轉型正義處反歧視法草案分區公聽會直播連結 (行政院人權資訊網-最新消息)