Exit Plan(s)

And it’s very hard !!!

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Given that it seems this lockdown situation will probably head deep into the summer, I’ve decided to head back to the U.S.

Does anyone know where I can get the latest info about booking a Covid-19 test to be able to board a plane? How far in advance I need to book, whether walk-ins are still available, etc.?


Depends on your state.

Depends on the state regarding test requirements? I was considering flying into NY, California, or Colorado – it doesn’t really matter that much to me which state I fly into so I guess I’m more concerned about being tested here in Taiwan. Good call to be checking state-by-state requirements though – I’ll start doing that now

I’m about to do the same and flying out next week. I’m trying to book an appointment with Cathay General Hospital but may have to do the walk-in route at Shuang Ho https://shh.tmu.edu.tw/upload_files/covid/ask.htm

My advice is to plan for a few weeks out and fly out later in the week to allow enough time to get the pcr test done within 72 hours of boarding.

Tests are done M-F and not on holidays.

Search for pcr tests in forumosa for more info.


The testing requirement is federal.

For what its worth, consultant at NCKU hospital told me Monday the clinical trials of the Made In Taiwan vaccine looked “really good”, though I suppose maybe he would say that, and he is a neurologist.

He “thought” it’d be available in a couple of months.

That’d perhaps be a bit awkward, since (along with any “early adopter” concerns) if one started a MIT course of innoculation, you’d presumably have to finish it in Taiwan, which’d effectively mean you were stuck here for the duration.

Still be good to have the option though.

yet more lowest and economy budget price?

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Vacation Plans?

No one in the post wants to leave, those having too plan a return.

You will be coming back soon?

When I say exit plan, I mean making plans to get out of Taiwan for good,
because Western countries are opening up with people getting vaccinated
in droves, while here in Taiwan things are closing up and there are not
enough vaccines and only 2% are vaccinated with one dose as the total
number of cases rose to 12, 294 cases and 361 dead so far.

33.4millions cases
Yesterday near 12000

599000 deaths
499 yesterday

I don’t see what outside Taiwan it’s more better

Then how do you explain the fact that 90% of Americans in the USA are vaccinated to the point that they got the beaches open and people able to attend events even without masks on their faces after being vaccinated? You ask any American living in the USA about their Memorial Day long weekend and they will tell you.

In Canada where I am from, they are opening up. Not to mention in the province of Quebec they are lowering the warning zone levels. Montreal is in level 3 and they will reduce Montreal to level 2. Northern Quebec where I got my job offer is already down at level 1, no curfew! They will go on with their summer festivals including the world famous Montreal Jazz Festival. Why? Because people there are getting vaccinated in large numbers. North America is opening up!

Yeah, the shit in the rearview mirror is ugly in the US. But that’s the past. The US wasn’t the place to be in 2020 but you’re in denial if you want to pretend that the situation today is the same.

499 deaths yesterday for a population of 330 million. And the cases and deaths that are happening now are largely in people who CHOOSE not to be vaccinated. If you want to get vaxxed in the US, there’s nothing stopping you. And you can pick the vaccine you want.

I’m in the US right now. Lots of places are operating much more like normal, and states are opening up officially. CA is “reopening” on June 15.

Meanwhile, TW is is Lockdown Level 3.5 and all the people I know in Taipei/NTC are bored out of their minds.

Yes, Taiwan is a miserable miserable place


Kind of equivalent to the death numbers in Taiwan if you adjust for population differences. But the ability to get vaccinated is of course a huge plus of being in the U.S.


It’s true that covid is still spreading in the US at similar levels as before, the difference is in vaccination. the city I am currently in has just hit over 70 percent of residents vaccinated. yes, things aren’t completely “normal,” but it’s definitely more “normal” here than it was for the last month in Taiwan. Restaurants are slowly reopening, even some music venues are reopening at reduced capacity, baseball games have almost full attendance, movie theaters are open. I just got my first shot of Pfizer. I really hope that Taiwan can get vaccines soon, I think it’s the only way out of this.


I think more and more people in TW will be forced to accept that this is the reality. Zero COVID is a thing of the past. Max vax is the name of the game now.

That’s even what Chen Chien-jen says.

So I think it’s a good sign, but (the numbers are) also a bad sign. The disease has become endemic, which means the virus in Taiwan has community transmission and it is very, very difficult to eradicate the virus at all now.

The only way Taiwan can have very good containment in this second phase of the pandemic is the increased herd immunity through a nationwide immunisation programme and urge the CECC to try to get the vaccine as soon as possible.